Sticky neck/fingers issue


At regular speeds this has never really been an issue but Im working on a fast single string run and if my fingers aren’t the perfect temp and sweat coated they are sticking.

Both areas, the thumb on the neck and the fingers are grabbing the strings.

I hate the thought of oiling my fingerboard because Im afraid its going to get really gross and high maintenance.

Using ernie ball extra slinky and fender maple neck w/clear

Any suggestions?

Also if you use oil do you have any


I find glossy necks sticky.

Nitro-covered necks get sticky with use. Buff them with your shirtsleeve, fixed.

Poly-covered necks are worse, and buffing with a cloth doesn’t help as much. I usually buff them with a green scotchpad until they aren’t sticky anymore. Just the thumb side, though. ( I don’t have any glossy fingerboards.) That lasts a while, until my hand glosses it up again.

It’s easily reversible if you don’t go nuts, but be gentle and proceed at your own risk.

If you find the fingerboard sticky, and it’s not glossy, then it’s a different problem.


Yeah, im looking to buy q different guitar and will find something not sticky. I don’t want to sand on this one just yet

As far as the sticky finger problem its weird, Im not usually a sweaty finger guy, hands and guitar always clean.

Im thinking its a flop sweat thing. Lol
Like if I stress myself out my tips sweat?


A non-glossy fingerboard made from an uncoated porous wood like rosewood or Indian laurel might give better results. Typically the natural oils from your fingers should be enough to keep them slippery, but if not, you could add a tiny amount of mineral oil to a cloth and rub it into the wood, then buff it out with a dry cloth.

Edit: “Glossy” was perhaps the wrong word here. The key is that the fingerboard doesn’t have any kind of coating that fills the grain. If you can see the unfilled pores of the wood (as is typical on a rosewood fingerboard), you’re in happy-town, even if the wood has a shiny appearance.


Im looking at this jackson w/rosewood
I want a hard tail anyway and its in the price range. i worry a little about everyone having string buzz issues.
Some say they work it out, others not.
Plus the painted neck will probably be sticky?
I live where there isn’t a large selection so I have to buy by mail.

Anyway thanks again.

If anyone has a better guitar recommendation feel free to chime in.

Looking for
700 ish usd
Hard tail
Good metal type pickups
Smallish body
Not sticky neck
24 frets
Good cutaway
flat radius


I see now my fretting finger touches the actual neck while climbing that high e string.
Hence tge sticky feeling


Yes. I have a Jackson soloist and the neck has gotten super sticky over the years. It was my first real guitar so it has great value to me, even if I don’t play it anymore. I bought some 00 steel wool to polish the neck to bring it back into playable order, but haven’t dared to do it.

Tons of great players play these guitars though, so I suppose it’s just a matter of finding out how to take care of them to make them last a long time.