Sticky Thread or Terminology Page

I’d love a sticky thread or “Terminology” page.

It should contain things like USX, DSX, DBX. Also, deprecated terms like “Two Way Pickslanting” and why we avoid them. Same with UWPS and DWPS. It’s all too common to see questions about this in new posts and I’m sure @Troy and @tommo are tired of repeating themselves :slight_smile:

Also, basic definitions like “faster” (i.e. it does not mean how long or controlled you can play a phrase haha), a generally accepted range of fast tempos. I’ve seen recommendations on the forum that people start fast. Even our brilliant mods aren’t consistent here. I’ve seen it suggested that people start at 140 sometimes. I saw another thread where 170 was the suggested starting point.

I know we have the “Primer” and it’s great, but we need this stuff on one page, maybe with links to the other parts.

Not in favor of this, that’s why we made the Primer. You try to explain what pickslanting or escape motion is without a photo or a looping GIF, good luck! And you will never fit it all an one page, at least not a good one page.

We’re happy to have a glossary though so you can look up the term and link to the page where it is defined. For all the new stuff, any new concept is presented in a clear one sentence definition, often at the top of the page in bold text. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

If you haven’t seen these new Wiki style pages yet, please take a look:


For sure, when I respond to the bluegrass types I quote Molly Tuttle speeds. When I’m dealing with rockers, I quote rock speeds. Different motions, different speeds.

This topic in general of what kind of picking motion you currently have, how to know whether you’re doing stringhopping, how to begin learning a new motion — these will probably end up in a friendly / approachable hands-on type video in this growing “Picking Motion” section. I think these things work better as videos than text.

More generally, we’re trying to present things in whatever format works best for it. We don’t want to paywall every word on the entire site, so having a mix of paid access videos and free Wiki type pages actually works well for that purpose. This way we can make sure enough knowledge is out there that people who need more can sign up for the rest. But we don’t want it to feel like you read half a concept and then it’s… ha, you have to pay us to learn more, and got no value in the mean time.