Stopped by to Say Thanks

I’m a self-taught player of 20 plus years and I’ve hit so many walls to my progress (especially as of late) that I was becoming frustrated with the guitar. I can’t say that anymore.

I’ve not even made it through the pick slanting primer and I’m already seeing huge leaps in progress so I just stopped here to say thank you. Thank you x1000 because I’ve been getting closer to doing things I didn’t think I could ever do.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got more lessons to get to! Ha!


Right on, thanks for being here. What things are you making progress with? We get a lot of feedback from players who are stuck, but a lot less from those who aren’t. It’s helpful to know what’s hitting for people. Which parts of the Primer have you looked at so far?

So far, I’ve made it to chapter 4 of the Yngwie portion of downward pick slanting. I’ve gone down the list chronologically and not moved forward until getting a firm grasp on what you’ve been showing me.

My speed, synchronicity and accuracy have all measurably improved by following your examples and trying to get the most I can from each lesson.

Playing for as long as I have, I’ve had to do just as much unlearning as I have actual learning. Getting a firm grasp on each lesson before moving to the next, I think is part of what’s granting me the success that I’m having. Again, thank you. It’s an excellent program and I have so much yet to learn.

Gotcha. Did you check out any of the chapters on picking grip and motion? What type of motion and grip are you using? And is this similar to what you’ve been using previously, or did you end up having to pick up something new?

I’ve gone straight down the list and watched everything from “Getting Started” and now making my way through “Downward”.

As it turns out, I’ve naturally used an angle pad grip and it still remains the most comfortable, even when getting up to speed. Remaining pronated when moving up the strings was something I never really focused on, but once pointed out, I was able to conciously work on it and that helped with fluidity. As you showed, maintaining that angle of attack and keeping good form, really helps when it comes time to switch to a different string.

Chapter 1 on the Yngwie portion of Downward Pickslanting has the video and tab for the “poptarts lick”. I am able to play along at 80% speed. I could not have achieved even that without following the instructions from the previous lessons.

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