Strategies for clear articulation on lower strings

Hi Forum,

First time posting on here. I’m currently enjoying my time with the volcano and cascade materials, but there’s one roadblock I seem to be having with figures that play on strings 5 & 6 where at a certain tempo everything kind of sounds like mud.
For example in the Poptarts lick, the alternating pattern played on string 5 starts to sound muddy at 175/180 bpm, where I am able to clearly articulate the first part of the lick that plays on the higher strings.
I also especially have this problem when playing the second half of the Cliffs cascade, when the 5 note pattern continues onto the lower frets of the last three strings.
Does anybody else have this issue? Is it possibly a matter of muting, changing the edge picking, pick depth/aggression, or all three? Or a different motion entirely?

I’m currently playing a Gibson Les Paul, usually in the middle position, but I also play sometimes on a Telecaster (also middle position) with similar results.

Also if this question has already been posted/answered I will gladly remove this post and just refer to that thread.


Welcome to the Forum Kurt!

This could be due to a number of factors (including the tone you are using!), so it can be difficult to advise without having a look at your playing first.

If you feel like it, you can post a couple of short clips where you play these examples, and I can move this thread to Technique Critique. Filming instructions attached for best results :slight_smile: