String Tracking Difficulties

So, I have this weird problem. I can DWPS pretty well and I can play volcano style licks ASCENDING pretty well. However, when I try to play the same type of licks DESCENDING, it’s much harder for me to string track accurately. My string tracking lags behind the strings I’m trying to play as I descend.

My question is this: Is there an excercise that facilitates more accurate string tracking? I feel like I’m on the cusp of one of those ‘break-through’ moments and I’m just not quite grasping it.

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Hey there Jeff!

Would you feel like posting a short clip demonstrating the problem? That’s usually the easiest way to diagnose problems (if any!)

Also, in the meantime it may be useful to look through the new picking motion pages - they may give you some ideas on new things to try :slight_smile:

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Hey there @Jeff_C

It sounds to me like you have the opposite issue to what I had–I’m a DSX wrist motion picker and playing descending runs was much more comfortable and smooth than playing ascending runs.

I worked “Gilbert six” type drills focusing on keeping relaxed and kinda loose in my pick hand. The first one I wrote out on the attached pdf is a way to do it USX starting with a downstroke.

The second one is the type of run that I worked on to smooth out my opposite DSX string tracking problem.

They are both single escape runs.

I didn’t focus on how I was making the tracking motion happen I just focused on staying relaxed and escaping on the downstroke motion. From there the string tracking just kind of happened as I worked it over time.

I’m sure there are other ways to work thru this–just sharing what I did. Make sure your escape motion stroke is “escaping” and avoid tension in your pick hand–think “loose” and let er fly. :sunglasses:

StringTracking.pdf (603.5 KB)

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A video example…

RevTwo, thanks! I will try this out. :slight_smile: