Stringhopping or double escape?

This is my first video in the critique section! (I spent a lot of time trying to record with good quality but it seems my phone does not have 120 fps option)

Here I’m praticing the EJ sixes at 100bpm.
When I see this take, I noticed a little downstroke espace attempt in my hand (I’m trying to do downward pickslanting here). Is that a little stringhopping?
I can play singlestring tremolo very fast (16th notes at 200bpm aprox) but switching strings always is a problem. I believe that wierd downstroke motion is the reason. What do you think?


Sounds good, looks good, does it feel good?

To test out if you’ve got a nascent double escape motion in there, you could try keeping your form the same and playing something that requires double escape.


I think it could feel better. When I do tremolo at the same speed I feel it incredibly free and without any tension, but when I try to switch strings I feel the tension right away.
That’s why I think that little movement in my downstroke is giving me some problems here.
It’s the same when I try double escape phrases. The same tension is back.

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Cool! Great playing. And great work on the filming angle and slow motion - exactly what we need to see.

I see what you’re pointing out, but this is much faster than stringhopping players can usually play. The motion itself doesn’t look like stringhopping either. There is not a dramatic change in direction between your upstroke escape and the downstroke escape.

What is the tremolo technique you’re referring to, does that use a different motion? What does it look like? If you can do 200bpm sixteens with that motion, then just use that motion for everything. At least for the single escape stuff.

Film the tremolo motion if you get a moment, happy to take a look.


Hi @Troy! Such an honor to read a reply from you. Thank you for the feedback and all your work in this website. I’ve been a member for about two weeks and it is incredible all the stuff that I’ve learned.
I was struggling with the recording so finally I borrowed a go pro and I did a good take of my tremolo playing.

Here I am playing G major escale in the G string at 200 bpm

I also recorded the eruption’s tremolo part just to see the tecnique in a musical context.

I’ve been working hard in my picking technique and I’ve seen big improvements. I think the tension in my right hand it’s everyday less.