Struggle with string noises

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried different pick techniques and the one i want to use cause me a lot of string noises, it’s kinda gipsy technique where the wrist is not against the bridge…

I’m confused about that because i can see a lot of players who use this technique and i can’t here string noises, do you have any suggestions ?

Troy has mentioned this has to do with volume of the picked note cancelling out the sympathetic vibrations. Maybe try to find a stronger pick attack. Also keep in mind that gypsy players don’t need to worry about distortion, so this issue is less of a problem. I would probably advise to learn to sit the palm down on the bridge. It might take some getting used to, but you’ll be able to control noise and palm mute better.

Like the guy mentioned, having a strong pick attack does help, but dampening is also a skill that takes time to develop and most players approach it differently.

I went with the Paul Gilbert method. Basically, you turn the amp up and play as fast as you can without making unwanted string noise. This is humbling. You have to attenuate your playing as you go, and the process is different for everyone. It’s trial and error, you can’t speed up the process, or at least I couldn’t haha

Can you provide an example of this noise?

Thank you for your answers

I’ve tried the paul gilbert / Batio picking technic and it seems to work pretty well, i can play fast line without tensions and string noises.

Thanks a lot for the support.

“shmnk” “schrrr” “mnnnnngg”

that sort of thing