Strumming pick grip and hand shape

Hey guys, I’m new. Quick question:

Is it advisable to change your pick grip when you transition from fast single-note playing into chord strumming? I can’t imagine strumming chords in a musical way with a tiny tip of the pick protruding from between my thumb and forefinger. String muting and percussive effects and general smoothness seem to require a more floppy and open hand posture – at least that’s how I’ve always strummed. Are you guys switching back and forth between pick grips and hand shapes or do I need to figure out how to strum chords again too? The very thought is making my eyeballs sweat.


Hey @Gadview welcome to the forum!

If I may flip your question inside-out like a sock - it is not necessary to have a tiny amount of pick sticking out, even for lead playing! Look at how much pick Troy is showing here (just took a random video from the CTC channel :slight_smile: ):

…so it may be possible for you to do some lead playing with your “Strumming grip”.

On the other hand, having different setups for single note picking and strumming is totally possible! A certain Paul Gilbert does it :wink:

Anecdotal but I have a completely different motion for faster strumming…on observation it’s close to what DiMeola does. Pick doesn’t move to much between finger and thumb…but orientation changes. Guthrie also seems to have his own ‘strumming pose’.

Thanks for the replies! Love the site and the forum. Gonna unlock the box soon.