Subtle jog button detail


Checking out the new “Pick Grip” videos, and I’m digging the 5 and 60 second “jog” buttons that I haven’t encountered until now.

One minor suggestion for improvement: it would be handy if within the first 60 seconds of a video, the “<< 60 secs” button would take you to the start of the video, even though the actual distance is less than 60 seconds. Currently that button will do nothing until you pass the 60 second mark in the video.

Happy to see the buttons in any case!


I’m sure we can implement that - we’ll take a look.


15 minutes of Javascript fiddling later…

Okay I think that’s now working as suggested!

(And, not sure if useful, but for the sake of UI symmetry, when you’re within the last minute the +60 button should now skip you to the end!)


You guys are amazing and since I have to type 20 characters I wil say it again: you guys are amazing.