Swede who picked up guitar after a 10+ year break


I’m from Sweden and I’m 31 years old. I first picked up playing guitar when I was 15 and played until I was about 19. I’m self-taught via videos. I lost motivation to play and didn’t pick up playing guitar again until a few months ago. I quickly relearned most of the licks and techniques from yesteryear. I’m now technically more proficient than in my teens, which is nice, but I’m still not a “true” shredder according to myself.

I had that same 135-150 BPM barrier that I see discussed frequently on this forum. Through practicing my tremolo picking and then introducing simple 1-string stuff like chromatics and Yngwie-like ascending/descending stuff, I’m at 170-180 for short bursts on one or two strings. I’m still some ways away from doing it super cleanly, though.
Doing 3NPS scale runs is confusing at the moment, now that I’m aware of pickslanting and escape motions. I see this as a temporary hurdle, though. I’m super excited about finally realising why my technique has had so many inconsistensies! It was the stringhopping.

It was the fantastic Youtube videos that brought me to this forum. I love the nerdiness, passion and narration in the videos, about such a specific part of guitar playing.

My musical tastes are basically Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Jason Becker, Andy Timmons, Racer X and the like. I also like other styles of music, like hiphop, but that’s not why I’m here. :smile:

I have been way more focused on developing my chops rather than my musical abilities, but I’m determined to become more of a musician. I’ve come across ear training and music theory videos recently (Martin Miller, Tom Quayle, Rick Beato and more) that have opened that door for me. I didn’t know how to train those things before, but if feels accessible to me now.

I will be uploading videos in the Technique Critique section once I figure out how to edit and upload to Youtube.

I’m going to become a frequent lurker, and maybe also contributor, to this forum. So far, I love it!

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Lurking ay the forum is a great thing to do!