Sweep in a ballad?

Hello all!

My friend has asked me to compose and record a guitar solo for his song. I just couldn’t resist to play some Malmsteen’s three strings sweep at the end of the solo. The track was accepted and a song was released. Some people don’t like this ending suggesting it’s too fast for that kind of ballad. What do you think?


How many lead guitarists does it take to change a lightbulb? 1000; 1 to actually change the bulb and the other 999 to watch and say how they would do it better!

I personally liked it and given the title, I was expecting some over the top trilogy suite madness (That would have been to much! :joy:).

If I wanted to get hyper critical and to try and explain why some might not like the ending is that it goes from slow notes too relatively fast triplets at he end with no lead up. This can give the sense that the end lick is being forced in there in more formulaic fashion. I think that a small number of notes between those speeds played on the lead up to the final lick would give it more flow and a sense of climax…

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