Swiping Problem

Hello everyone!

I am new to cracking the code. I have watched the free videos for a while and seen a huge improvement in my playing, but I am encountering some problems so I decided to go with a membership to get access to all the lessons.

There’s a lot of material in here, so I’m sure what I’m about to ask is addressed somewhere. If that’s the case I would appreciate someone directing me to the video or page the talks about this issue.

The issue is this. I have a swiping problem when DWPS. Over the last year I have adjusted my technique to try to get more comfortable with downward pick-slanting, as it was not initially comfortable for me. I think I was more naturally an upward pick-slanter. After practicing a lot of different methods I have found that I am capable of doing fairly fast and comfortable alternate picking with downward pick-slanting by flexing the wrist and using a lightly supenated forearm orientation, and a forearm rotation mechanic, similar to Joscho Stephan. For whatever reason this is working for me.

As noted in the “No Muting? No Problem” video, I am not experiencing any unwanted noise from the other strings despite not muting them, but I would like to be able to mute them for the palm muted effect while playing fast at times. However, whenever I lay my hand across the strings, the pick-slant angle flattens out too much and my string changes are not smooth. I am swiping through the current string to get to the next. How do I adjust for this? I have tried supenating the orientation even more to get the angle bigger but I’m having a hard time going fast like that and it feels extremely awkward. It seems the only way to get the angle big enough to clear the string is to lift my hand off the strings.

Any input would be great. P.s. I learned of these habits by recording a slow motion video of my playing. I can possibly upload that if that would help someone answer my question.


  • Johnny

Welcome @johnnyguitar28!

Yes that would be great! Much easier to diagnose stuff from video

Also, have a look at these pages if you haven’t done so already. You may get some new ideas of things to try :slight_smile: