SWYBRYD book by Marshall Harrison

Hi and sorry… English is not my native language…

Anyone bought swybryd book by Marshall Harrison? He is an awesome guitarist you can find on youtube, I was waiting for this book for a year and now the book is avaliable at 47 dollars (very expensive) I would like to read about the book before purchasing it… What songs are included? How many pages? is the right hand fully notated? is there some mistakes? Well guys if you have some info please tell me…

I bought guitar book 1 and guitar book 2 in the past.

Thank you guys.

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It’s basically his notebook. I find it valuable for analyzing Marshall’s approaches, but it’s not as organized as other more polished works. No method, per se. Kind of DIY, but that may be just the thing. $47 is not much for a person’s world view.

[Edit: Did he just release a new one? Perhaps provide a link so we’re not guessing which one is referred to? Thanks (I apparently have School of Legato)]

So totally different book. On the surface, much more polished. Haven’t perused yet.

Chris Brooks just came out with a new book on Legato Technique. One of the topics discussed is SWYBRYD. At about a third of the price, it might be worth checking out.

Available on amazon, but also as PDF.

I don’t have this particular book, as it just came out, but his books are generally of high quality.

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Thank you guys.

Can you tell me what songs are included? and…How many pages?

46 pages. This is more method than what I described about the previous book. Examples are drawn from various sources. Not really a songbook?