Swybryd Extravaganza - Alkan Etude by Marshall Harrison

Finished a transcription of Marshall’s performance from YouTube. It’s slightly incomplete - the recording cuts off before the end. Should be a fun technical challenge for anyone :wink: Enjoy!

Marshall Harrison performs this fearsome work of “pianistic transcendentalism” on the guitar, using an innovative technique called “Swybryd” picking - a combined approach of Sweeping (economy) and Hybrid (pick + fingerstyle) techniques. (Sweep + Hybrid = Swybryd). This allows for optimal efficiency in pick slanting movements using adjacent string changes and string skipping. Alkan’s Grand Étude is a masterclass in this technical system.


Omg. How can someone remember the parts to this monster :anguished: Must have taken you some time to transcribe it to soundslice. There are certainly parts I would like to try out.

I learned this beast on the piano years ago, so it can be done lol. There’s a lot of repetition of sections, and once you figure out the patterns they’re very logical and fun to play.

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YES! Awesome, thanks alot! :partying_face:

Could you please, if possible, enable printing in the slice? It would be very much appreciated!