Tablature For Yngwie's Steeler Album Solo Before Hot On Your Heels

Does anyone have a very accurate transcription to the unaccompanied solo he plays right before “Hot On Your Heels” on the Steeler album? He’s my favorite guitarist and it’s my favorite unaccompanied solo. Thank You!

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I purchased a tab book for the entire Steeler album a few years back. I’ll send you the pdf.

It’s user made, with some computer app…
It’s ok. If you have Troy s Volcano course it will help alot.

Let me know

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BTW I love the Steeler album. Malmsteen is raw and aggressive. More of an “in your face” approach to match the music

Awesome array of stock shred licks and ideas

I really appreciate that. Thank you!

you’re welcome. i pm’d you.

I love the Steeler album too! Yngwie’s playing is very aggressive on that album; you’re right abut that. I remember reading an interview where he said that he thought he played too much straight alternate picking on that album but I love it.

That was such an incredible time when the Steeler album came out. Discovering new things like that and the Queensryche EP, Holy Diver by Dio, Sirens by Savatage, and the three albums Fates Warning made with John Arch. it was such an amazing time in music with so many great bands and guitarists to discover. It seemed like you could discover a great new band practically every time you went to the record store!

What are your favorite songs from Steeler? I like No Way Out, Cold Day In Hell and Serenade the best and the solo before Hot On Your Heels of course. Abduction is pretty cool too.

my favorites off that album are: on the rox (awesome, furious descending 4’s solo),
hot on your heels, no way out, cold day in hell, down to the wire…

I believe i bought rising force first, then marching out, and Alcatrazz, then Steeler…

I love the Alctrazz album. if you get a chance… watch the Alcatrazz live sentence concert
on Amazon… it’s free with prime… it’s fantastic! The Bigfoot solo is incredible…
even Bonnett was stunned at it’s brilliance.

All the best

Sent u a pm…

Didn’t receive it. I wonder why?

I’m glad you like the Steeler book. To my knowledge, it’s the only tab that exists.
You can find Alcatrazz tab on ebay btw…

We share very similar roots…

I grew up with Sabbath and Kiss…
Deep Purple into Rainbow stand out the most for me.

I always liked Priest over maiden. Sad wings ,stained class, and unleashed.
I do like the Paul Dianno album - Killers

Vivian Campbell was a big influence on me also.

I liked Carlos Cavaso. His hotlicks tape was a favorite of mine.

I’m a big queensryche fan. I saw them on
both the mindcrime, empire tours. …
How about Crimson Glory? Great band.

I’m a big fan of EVH, Warren Dimartini of Ratt, George Lynch. Dokken.

Randy Rhoads also a big influence on my playing.

Check out TT Quick, guitarist Dave DiPietro… he’s great. I posted a link to a
Video lesson on YT, a few weeks back.
Siren song.

I’m a fan of Europe, guitarists John Norum and Kee Marcello… both great players.

I think AL Dimeola is great.

Yngwie by far had the most profound affect on me both as a listener and player.
I love classical music, so I was captivated by the neo classical genre.

Everything from Steeler to Eclipse to me is great. Sadly I don’t like his playing nowadays. … his sound is way too wet and effect driven… he’s sloppy. He never took care of his health…

I consider Paul Gilbert one of best… great player and teacher.

Tony Macalpine is another fav. Check out Project Driver.

Impelliteri is another player I like alot. The ep is still a fav of mine.

Michael Romeo of Symphony X is an awesome player!!

Gus G. Of Firewind is very good.

Reb Beech of Winger is very good.

Joe Stump is great player, his 2 books on chops and arpeggios are fantastic.

Well that sums it up

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Those first three Fates Warning albums were huge for me. Awaken The Guardian and Spectre Within in particular. Incredible records.

That’s what I think! I love Night On Brocken too, especially “Damnation” and the title track. The other two albums are a step or two above though in terms of songwriting and musicianship… It’s such shame that John Arch left Fates warning because he never made a dime in his years with that band and he had a family to support. It’s tragic when a man that talented isn’t appreciated enough for him to be able to make a living playing music so he has to quit his band.

Have you heard his “comeback” EP entitled “Twist Of Fate”? It’s excellent! After almost 20 years of not releasing any music, his voice is still in top form on that EP. There are only 2 songs on it but they’re very long songs, something like 12 minutes and 15 minutes! If you haven’t bought it yet I highly recommend it!

Hey, thanks again for the Steeler tabs!!!

Do you remember the first Sabbath album you bought? I bought Paranoid when I was about 14 and it was one of the first 10 heavy metal albums I bought. A few others on that list were Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith and then Sin After Sin, Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast, and Dio-Holy Diver.

Did you like Deep Purple or Rainbow better? Ronnie James Dio is my favorite singer along with Rob Halford so I prefer Rainbow over Deep purple for that reason. Stargazer is my favorite Rainbow song but Man On The Silver Mountain, 16th Century Greensleeves (live version) and We’ll Catch The Rainbow (live version) are great too!

I also like Priest over Maiden. Priest was my very first rock concert! I was 15 and saw them on their Defenders Of The Faith tour. My favorite Judas Priest is there 70s stuff, especially Sad Wings Of Destiny, Rock A Rolla, and Sin After Sin. Hearing Victim Of Changes and The Sinner live was incredible!!!

Have you heard his “comeback” EP entitled “Twist Of Fate”? It’s excellent! After almost 20 years of not releasing any music, his voice is still in top form on that EP. There are only 2 songs on it but they’re very long songs, something like 12 minutes and 15 minutes! If you haven’t bought it yet I highly recommend it!
Yup, I’ve got that one and I’ve got the comeback album his did with the rest of the Fates Warning guys in 2012 as well, the Arch/Matheos album. Was my favourite record from that year.

Rainbow especially with Coverdale and Hughes…
I’m a big fan of Hughes and Bonett
Don’t listen to much Priest anymore, never like their later stuff…

I listen mostly to guitarists these days.

I like Schenker alot…

I try to rotate my practice schedule around the following styles:

Randy Rhoads, Z.Wylde
EVH, Lynch , Dimartini, and Marcello
Malmlsteen, Romeo, and Stump
Paul Gilbert
I have lessons based on the guitarists above
Obviously Troys Volcano for the yngwie stuff

And I just rotate… trying learn different aspects
Of those styles

hey man ive been looking for that tab book for a while. any chance u can share the serenade tab? i think ive gotten close to figuring it out myself but some stuff throws me offf. sounds like a 12 string or something

I would kill for a super accurate tab of the entire Mindcrime album.
There aren’t even any good tabs of “Eyes of a Stranger.” I guess the harmonizer makes those leads difficult to tab. DeGarmo always used really cool chords.

hi, sorry im just seeing this now. haven’t checked the forum in a bit…

i’m a big fan of queensryche also… i have a japanese tab book for the album in pdf.

i’ll send it to you via email… do you have anything to trade?



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Hi, just found this post while looking for Steeler tabs, could I also please get the PDF?

Many thanks,

NCASO, would you be willing to share that Steeler tab book? I have to learn the solo to Cold Day in Hell by next week. I’m playing on stage with Ron Keel himself at Rock N Pod here in Nashville and I have to learn it as quickly as possible. I would be forever in your debt! Thank you!