TBDM tribute (GP composition)

I’d started messing around with writing this when working on some solos for another song - and with the news of Tevor passing a week ago I finished writing it in guitar pro.

Hoping to polish it up and record it before much longer, and have some friends do drums and vocals. I purposely styled the solo after Brandon Ellis and cobbled together some of the economy runs he uses with some of my own. So it should be a while before I have a totally clean take lol, but I had been working on his pentatonic runs already so who knows.

But I thought the GP sounded pretty cool already

Once I have at least the guitar tracks recorded I’ll post tabs if anyone wants them.

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So I’m taking a guess that TBDM stands for The blue dahlia murder, and GP stands for guitar pro?

Pretty close! Also T.B.D.M.R.O. stands for The Black Dahlia Murder Rip Off ( thanks Paul Gilbert for my overuse of acronyms)

Running the midi through a modeler almost makes it sound like an 8 bit game.

Honestly I kind of like that, definitely a lot more than the raw midi anyway. Most of what I write I start on guitar and kind of bounce back and forth trying out more intricate adjustments in Guitar Pro and if I like it I’ll learn it. Having it sound like an 8 bit guitar makes it easier to tell how the harmonies sound. It’s super helpful for rhythmic stuff, for me at least.

Until I really have something down I have a tendency to lose the rhythm I was originally going for pretty easily if I don’t write it out. Probably because it’s been a weak spot in my playing, though I do feel like that problem has lessened over time and I’m leaning less on the software beyond just documentation of what I’m doing.

Honestly not a bad way to do it. I often have to record myself and my little motifs with my phone for the same reasons. I don’t think it’s a weak spot, so much as I think that’s just what happens.

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if you’re bored, send me the MIDI drum map!

Also, I offer my bass noodling.

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I would take him up on that.


I might take you up on the bass noodling! I already asked my little brother to write proper drum parts on this and a few other tracks, but I could send the original midi for now anyway.

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