Teacher recommendation


Hi all, I’m looking for a guitar teacher (Jazz, Fusion, Rock) in NYC, Would like someone with a VAST musical theory background and great technique, can anyone refer me to someone like that? THANK YOU!


Hi Stgabriel

If you’re looking for in person lessons in New York I could recommend Ben Eunson for fusion/jazz stuff. He’s pretty incredible as a player, though I am not familiar with him as a teacher.

Peter Mazza also gives lessons in NYC and has an absurd amount of harmonic knowledge and abilities, and is also a great guy, but I believe teaches mostly ‘straight ahead’, archtop, etc.

Nir Felder is also one of the top young(ish) jazz guitarists around now and probably teaches a bit, also a good guy.

You might be able to get ahold of Vic Juris who’s also an elite level player.

NYC has no shortage of great guitarists.

If you’re open to staying ‘jazzy’ you could also check out a new facebook group Jack Zucker started called “Modern Jazz Guitar” and i’m sure folks there would have lots of recommendations.

For more rock or metal oriented, I’m not sure!


THANK YOU so much man!


adding, all of these guys are fairly approachable/accessible. Just DM them on instagram or facebook. Sometimes when folks are busy they don’t get back right away, I don’t think it hurts to nudge a few times if you don’t get a response.

For example I contact Peter Mazza about a lesson a while back and he never got back to me. Then later we connected on facebook and I mentioned what happened and he was like “oh i’m so sorry i never got it!” and we connected on the phone. I actually got too busy at that time so we didn’t wind up doing a session, but point is doesn’t hurt to reach out a few times with a big name if they don’t get back to you.


oh yeah and for younger guys my buddies Cotter Champlin and Alex Frondelli are great players who I think are in NYC now and they both definitely teach.


You might also try Larry Newcomb.

Or Sheryl Bailey. She teaches at Berklee but lives in NYC, plays in the West Village (I think) weekly.


Thank you! appreciate it… :slight_smile: