Technique problem

Hey guys, I need your help I’m playing guitar nearly 17 years and I saw troy’s volcano seminar many many times and I even strated to investigate Yngwie before the seminars and I get into a problem first of all when I’m playing a tremolo it’s seems that I’m an Uwps player but when I’m playing Yngwie’s stuff it’s seems that I use a Dwps but I really can’t tell cause if I’m really using it so I probably sure that is a small amount and my goal is to have a Dwps that looks like troy’s but troy’s dwps is really uncomfortable to me and for me it’s seems that I’m not fast anough even if I know to chunk licks and have an escape path
Should I give troy’s dwps a chance even if it’s not comfortable?
P.s troy I hope you read this you are amazing player and I love everything you do if you will answer me it will be very exciting for me

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If you are much more comfortable with UWPS, I would say stick with it and get the most out of it first. You can still use all theory from volcano, but the pull-offs and sweeps will occur in different places in the licks.

Yes, Troy is the emergent legend in all this, but trying to make it look like something is kinda missing the point… It is what is sounds like that matters and making this stuff work for you. I bet if you got your UWPS up to legendary level, there would be very little difference in how it sounded, compared to Troy’s DWPS.

Hopefully @Troy will get back to you and give you the best advice!

Also, submit a technique critique video of your playing, the forum can then attempt to confirm or deny any queries about what you are specifically aiming for.

Rock on!!


Thanks dude rock on too🎸