Telecaster Bridge rim


Hi Folks,

I’m thinking about buying a cheap Telecaster. As I really like my Harley Benton Vintage Strat, I’m considering buying a HB TE-30 BE (not posting any links here).

It seems, that they changed the design of the bridge from the more modern Tele-Bridges to the vintage/classic-Bridge that features the rim where the ashtray was mounted. I expect it to feel quite uncomfortable.

Any experiences here with the rim? Does it get in the way (pick/palm/whatever…)? Does it feel uncomfortable?


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It depends (on the person, playing style, etc).! I think it might bother you, since you are already thinking about it. I recently bought a used baja tele and I felt the sides/rims get in the way of my picking or maybe I should be more precise, I sometimes hit them. It is dismantled right now, since I wanted to shield the electronics, so I can’t even play it now and tell you how it feels. Besides from that, palm muting is fine and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to me.

There are of course aftermarket solutions, but is it worth it for a HB? You could also use a hacksaw and just take away what you need yourself! Sandpaper for smoothness or it will get uncomfortable :grin:


Thanks for your suggestions.
Before I go and mess around with the bridge I think I’d rather try to get used to it or replace it, as there are pretty cheap replacement bridges also. I might even modify it to a string through design.
A series pickup mod might also be interesting.

If it is worth it depends on the guitar, not it’s price. HBs are cheap for sure, but they perform quite well as far as I can tell (only having a ST-62 MN VW Vintage).

Any more experiences from some tele players?



Seems like the obvious solution to me. Just need to make sure the string spacing will work with your neck (assuming you can find a rimless version with the materials and saddle layout you want).


Yes, of course, in case there is a problem. That’s what I’m still not too sure of. Maybe there won’t be. Do you have any tele experience?

As I would have the opportunity to return it within 4 weeks I might as well give it a try. But I decided to finish another guitar project I have at the moment before I buy this big chunk of wood.


I’m not really a Tele guy, but Tele bridges are about as simple as bridges get. Below is a video from Fender themselves with tips on installing vintage v.s. modern Tele bridges: