Tesla Cybertruck - Do Want?!

We watched this live last night, and for all the absurdity of both the product and its presentation, including the broken windows, I find myself with an unreasonable desire to own it:

I have no actual use for it, it’s way too big to park on narrow NYC streets, and I acknowledge that it’s potentially also ugly. But there’s something about the giant knobby tires and retro-future “lifted Lambo / Lotus” look of the thing which I find strangely attractive. I’m hoping this feeling will go away soon.


Haha, truc GAS? Have you put your 100$ deposit ?
As a European the whole truck concept seems a bit alien to me but there is something intriguing about this one and the range of the top spec one seems great on paper.

I do wonder if they will have to change the shape for pedestrian safety through ? These sharp edges can’t be good for anything being hit.

It reminds me of “Back to the Future,” and given that I recall said car in a CtC episode, it is obviously destiny that you get one.

While it is indisputably ugly, it is a truck, and ugly is good in that space. What makes me wonder is if the will show up in Country Music videos… I am guessing, “yes,” to drag race.

I bet they designed it for Martian settlers, with meteor proof windows.

True, I wouldn’t want to be hit by any of those corners. But crash regulations may be different for this type of vehicle, I don’t know.

The design was lifted almost completely from some of the Blade Runner vehicles, and I’m sure the November 2019 release date is no coincidence. :rofl:

I honestly have no idea what to make of this one. Judged as a truck, it looks to be an abject failure. However, most of the people I’ve seen who are really interested in it - Troy being a great example but one of many - are not “truck people” so maybe they’re tapping some different demagraphic here. The tricky part though is the business case for Tesla building a truck is that they’re the top-selling vehicle class in the United States, and this doesn’t seem to be a vehicle that appeals to “truck people,” so judged solely on the business case…

Who knows. My bigger concern here from an investment standpoint is TSLA is probably underinvesting on capex and still has only barely become free cashflow positive in the last few quarters. But,t his thing is certainly a conversation starter!

I keep hearing this… that people who have no use for this vehicle suddenly feel they must buy it. Does Elon Musk have some sort of mind-control over people?

Update: I no longer feel a strange desire to own this. Thankfully! But it’s not because I’ve decided it’s ugly. Actually, the more I look at it, the less weird it looks, and the more it just looks like a Hummer H1. This video from Marques Brownlee has some good street and ride-along footage:

The real issue is it’s just huge. It’s not obvious when you see it on stage because it has a '70s Lotus Esprit supercar wedge profile. But on the street you can see how giant the thing really is. I just don’t need anything that big in the narrow streets of Brooklyn.

I do honestly love the car we have now, which is a Scion Xb. It offers some of the hauling and storage benefits of a small truck, which is great for guitar amps, drums, and Home Depot trips. But it’s still short enough enough to nab parking spots even a Corolla can’t. If and when the world comes up with an electric version of same, with or without the Cybertruck’s moon buggy aesthetics, I’d totally be into that.

I think they’re getting the kind of market the Hummer H1 got, where you had influencer types wanting to drive the new cool thing. Schwarzenegger famously had a fleet of H1s when they first came out. Except instead of the Governator, this time the influencers skew younger and techier. Marques Brownlee is probably a good example of that. This is probably not the Ford F150 market at all, but it’s definitely a market. Maybe the same one they already have?

I think you’re on the right track, though I think it goes a little beyond influencers - it’s got a very pronounced cyberpunk/80s vibe to it, and I think there’s a subset of not-nbormally-truck-owners who find that appealing. And I suspect Musk had that in mind when he drew this one up, and doesn’t expect to see these popping up at construction sites anytime soon.

So, when you see Ford challenge Tesla to a cargo-towing contest against their F150, you kinda have to conclude that at least one of those companies completely missed the point here. :rofl: It’s just a question of which.

This is just gross.

I, as an european who even does not get the whole SUV-hype we have round here, cannot imagine a single reason to buy such a car. Plus it is probably the ugliest car I have ever seen, which I always thought would be forever the hideous Fiat Multipla:

Plus it is probably 6-7 times as expensive. I usually like Teslas though, except for the Model X, as I mentioned in the beginning. And I have some doubt that it will be able to make an approval in Europe due to pedestrian protection.


Someone better 2jz swap it


Only two cars I’ve ever wanted. Still don’t drive.

Elon definitely got something going with that car, but like all his ideas, they either come short or blow up.

If I had billions (I think he’s spent most of it) like him I might go for it.

I’m more intrested in Alex Jones recent game lol I can’t believe he got such a good artist to make it. The pixel art is really good.

That video reminds me of a high definition dmt trip and ROBOCOP

Also part of my childhood

Great gameplay.

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if you get one you will have to blast some synthwave with some godlike subwoofers installed in it LOL and outline it in some led rope lights, your fav color of choice :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gotta have spotify’s audiobook of Neuromancer blaring out of the speakers.

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