Testing my tremolo need help

Hello! so far i’ve watched almost all of the pickslanting primer and im on the malmesteen bit of chunking atm. but i realized i needed to make sure about my tremolo again, i cant help but feel like im driving on an uneven road metaphorically when playing, tremolo and licks in general. i’m trying to play with an edge but idk if i have any slant or not. when i play sometimes i have a breakthrough and it feels super smooth to play a lick then im back on the problem of not completely stuck in the strings but still hitting strings as a roadblock

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

It looks like you are using a bit of elbow and wrist and from what I can see, it looks like you are making a DSX motion.

The Malmsteen chunking section is all USX based licks. You should be trying phrases where the last note on a string is a downstroke, not an upstroke. There are some great ideas in the dsx section of the primer.

im a confused bit this is mostly for the tremolo i didnt really think about where i was escaping, i honestly feel so akward when escaping downward in general licks , it feels like my picking hand is faster when i do that, so i mainly feel more comfortable with upward.

im also mainly a wrist player i never use my elbow but because it feels like a struggle to tremolo smoothly i had to when i play but i tried anything here to get it as fast as i can, so im kinda confused as where to be, maybe ill post a lick? im not sure, thanks for your reply though

It does sound like either up or downstroke might be getting a bit jammed. Can you feel this happening? There is a video in the primer that demonstrates the causes and solutions for this problem, I’ll link to it below. Often the solution is adjustments to the grip. You can try bending the thumb, having it more flat or pressing it a little.

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thanks alot! i am the kind of person that needs to watch things more then once to grasp them so a rewatch will help!

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