The 2018 Reformation Of The Band Nitro!


Last year Michael Angelo Batio announced that Nitro was reforming with a new drummer - the guy from Lamb Of God - and that they were going to record a new album of completely new music and then they would tour. They had one of those campaigns to raise money where they asked fans for donations as well as asking fans to buy things such as a one hour Skype guitar lesson with MAB with all the money going to finance the recording of their new album since, according to him, they had turned down record label offers to finance the album. MAN stated he thought that financing it through fans would give them greater artistic freedom.

Since the money raising campaign ended, a campaign in which Jim Gillette had a gold medal from a jiu-jitsu tournament he won for sale, all to raise money for the recording of the new Nitro album. Since then, MAB and Jim Gillette (as far as I know) have been silent regarding a progress report on the new Nitro album or even a rough estimate on when it would be released or a rough estimate on when their United States tour would begin.

There were questions directly asking Michael Angelo Batio about the release of the new Nitro album and the tour for that album on MAB’s very own website on which fans can directly communicate with him but so far those questions have been ignored by Michael. I’m beginning to think that there will be no new album or tour. If I’m right about that, and I hope I’m not right, then what happens to the donations for the recording of the new album that his fans gave him? Does he return them or keep them?


“It Won’t Die” was near unlistenable, weird production, and it sounded like Gillette was trying to do a bad impersonation of a “modern” metal vocalist. MAB was the only saving grace. This is coming from someone who is a massive fan of the first Nitro album. It might be better if it never came out. Gillette has a history of being a douche (the whole debacle with Lita Ford made me lose all respect for him) I’m betting the delays are mostly on his end.
Were these donations done via a third party site? If not the people that donated may well be screwed if this never materializes.


My thoughts exactly! Even MAB was playing in a style that although certainly was more listenable than whatever you call what Jim Gillette was trying to do, was far from his best stuff. This is coming from someone who is a huge fan of the second Nitro album and thoroughly enjoyed seeing them on that tour! BTW, Gillette no longer had the “big hair” when I saw them perform at The Rock-It Club in Tampa n that tour. His hair was still very long, but it was straight and not teased - it would be in style today.

I hard that Jim Gillette used to hit Lita Ford - is that what you’re referring to? I wasn’t sure if the information i got was reliable or not - just like so much of the “news” you read on the internet. I heard that when they divorced, he got custody of their two boys and Lita didn’t get custody so what tells me there is probably more to the story than either of us know. Lita has a history of claiming that men she marries hit her. She said Tony Iommi hit her, didn’t she? I’m not saying it’s not possible but does everybody she marries hit her? Has she ever had anything good to say about anyone she married? I’d be interested in reading her autobiography.

I don’t remember exactly how the donations were done. I think it was something like “go fund me” as I vaguely seem to recall so I guess it was probably a third party site. Does that mean fans get refunds if the album is never released?


I’d like to think Nitro would issue refunds themselves if the album was never released. It’s hard to know what way people would stand with refunds without knowing what site the money was issued though. Most of those donation sites would have some kind of user protection if the final product was never delivered.


I have no idea re: this particular project, but this isn’t always the case…partly because it’s often not clear-cut exactly why a project might fail to deliver.

With something like Kickstarter I know they (as a platform) try to make clear that you’re lending your support to a creative endeavor, not buying a product like you would in a store. I believe they have terms that prohibit outright fraud, of course, but also I think if someone makes a good faith effort to complete a project but for whatever reason it fails (say if they run out of money, a partnership goes bad, etc.) there’s no real recourse to people who pledged to the project.