"The Birth of Loud"


This is a remarkable book that most people here are sure to enjoy:


Ooooh I’m into that. Is this a coffee table book with lots of photos, or is Kindle an option here?


Looks good! And yeah I see a Kindle version available here:


Oops, my fault for not being clear. I meant “will this book be any good on kindle?”

The FoodLab cookbook is probably available on kindle, but with nearly a thousand pages and a zillion photos, I can’t imagine it’d be terribly rewarding to use on kindle.

Sometimes it’s hard to know. (And sometimes I buy a book in physical, kindle, and audio formats.)


Gotcha, yeah I see what you mean now. From the Amazon “look inside” preview it seems mostly text / narrative history, appears there’s a “photographs” section at the end but doesn’t seem to be a coffee table sort of book where it would suck to read on Kindle. (But indeed can be hard to tell…personally whenever the Kindle version isn’t substantially cheaper I almost always get the physical copy just in case!)


It is mostly text, with just a few photos; Kindle is probably a good choice, although I have the hard-cover.