The Frank Gambale interview is here!


I was rewatching the FG interview and it inspired me to try some economy picking. I have no problems in ascending but my problem lies in descending.

How does Frank get almost no noise and such a smooth pick attack when doing descending sweeps? My attack is quite noisy and there is a lot of pick scraping noise, however there isn’t much on ascending sweeps.

When Frank plays those sweeping lines they sound almost synth like because of how smooth his attack is. How is he doing it?


If you want to do exactly what he does, I’d try to reproduce everything he’s doing, just to eliminate varaibles. This means arm setup, anchoring, grip style (trigger), exposure, edge picking, and pick choice. Frank has always played 346-design picks, which will have more sliding when played on edge. In our interview, he uses the Planet Waves 1mm heavy of that design.

No matter what pick or approach you choose, if the scratchyness is not the same when you playing downstrokes and upstrokes, then something your form is not symmetrical. Note that Frank uses grip pressing / wrapping with the thumb to make sure the pick attack is identical no matter which way he’s going. This is why he says his technique looks “round” when he looks at it. He points out specifically that he’s not talking about the picking motion, per se, just the thumb adjustments that he makes to equalize the attack.

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Thanks, Troy. I will have a look at the video again over the weekend and try to copy some of his physical set up and see if it feels anyway natural or comfortable.

I had no idea about making things symmetrical, that’s very interesting that you point that out and certainly gives me something else to look at.