The "Freezing" Left Hand

Literally. My left hand gets stiff while I’m playing guitar. LOL

Ok, I’ll go into detail.

When I move my finger while playing, my left hand suddenly hardens during the performance, so it doesn’t move. It feels like “Freeze”

I feel like I’m getting more and more power while playing, and then I’m getting too much power and stopping.

It usually happens when I keeps moving my fingers.

If I don’t give force into fingers, the speed doesn’t come out. However, if I put enough force, I will soon become more and more tense and harden. If I try to move my fingers in a hardened state, my left hand literally malfunctions. I don’t think it’s my left hand, Alien’s Left Hand lol

Has anyone experienced a similar case? If so, how did you solve it? How can I properly distribute the power?

I’m not sure I’ve experienced exactly what you are describing, but I do know that when I get tense, or use too much pressure to fret, I tend to lose control.

Maybe if you could post a video it might reveal something more specific?

I will soon upload video about it!

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If you upload some video of your fretting hand I’ll help however I can.


I sort of know what you mean, but I have never quite experienced it to the extent you are describing. To me it sounds like you are fretting with way too much pressure than is necessary, and possibly griping the neck in a way that is causing your fingers to clamp down and not move as freely. It usually takes a lot less downward pressure to fret a note than a lot of people might realize, and if you can rap your fingers one by one on a table, that’s really about all the pressure it takes. It might even be good in your case to maybe work on some left hand only legato patterns while trying to fret as lightly as freely possible while still trying to maintain note clarity. @Tom_Gilroy seems like the right guy to help you with this.


Thanks. It’s so late night to play guitar in my country right now, i will upload fretting video soon!

As you said, i think i put so much pressure in my left hand, hmm i have to find out the “proper level of pressure” or “power” to fingering.

I have tried to lessen my left hand pressure on fret, then speed was problem.

About my thumb, I think my left hand injury may have some effect on this problem, unconsciouly put more pressure on wrist

When you fret, do you also carry a lot of tension in your left arm and shoulder?

Definitely! Maybe that is the reason why my left hand got freezing

Then, I Should upload my entire left shoulder,arm position XD

Well I don’t think you need to go that far, but definitely a place you should focus on relaxing

I uploaded video @Tom_Gilroy

95bpm six note pattern on pentatonic scale

At first, the left hand and the right hand are in good harmony, and then the left hand starts to fingering strangely and stops. I played right hand picking intentionally repeatedly while muted. I don’t think there’s a problem with my right hand.

The problem here is that you have extension (often hyperextension) at the MCP joints while also having almost full flexion at the PIP and DIP joints. Your antagonistic muscles groups are in constant contraction; fatigue and failure is inevitable.

You need to retrain your fretting posture if you want to solve this problem. I will write more and help you to do this when I have some more time.

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Thanks! I will waiting for your more advice :slight_smile:

I just wanted to add that I haven’t forgotten about you. I intend to make a video for you, but I’m busy with work and I haven’t had the chance.


Oh, it’s okay! I’m waiting leisurely! Thanks to you, I’m relaxing my left hand also paying attention to my right hand. Thank you so much for making a video! I’ll wait slowly!


Story of my life. I feel like I say this here a lot, but you gotta eat!

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Better late than never I hope…


Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting for you I haven’t been able to check the forum because I’ve been busy with my personal work lately. Thank you for the video! I’ll take that into consideration and try to improve it!

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