The Magnet final factory sample - unboxing!

The factory sent the latest sample, and the news is… very good! We are now in possession of what is the exact shipping production model of the Magnet. All technical hurdles surmounted. What’s left is to place the order and get them here. Head to the video for all the good parts, including detailed overview and usage instructions.


I. Am. Psyched.


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@Troy I don’t remember seeing these particular specs (apologies if you stated them somewhere and I overlooked them), but what is the max phone thickness it can handle, as well as max neck width?

Is it possible to ship overseas? I’m waiting for my purchase!

I’ve forgot to mention you sry @Troy

Max neck width is classical, seven-string, five-string bass, or six-string with the mandolin grip adapter pads installed.

There is no max phone width, i.e. there is no phone that’s too thick to fit. Unless you mean phone with some kind of giant case on it. The old Apple iPhone battery cases fit and we used them on interviews that way. This design:

But that’s probably about the limit.


Lots of the Kickstarter backers are overseas so we’ll be shipping those internationally. We would eventually like to have international ordering from the web site but we really haven’t looked at it yet. We’ll figure that out when they get here.


Hoping there are some leftover to sell after the kickstarters! :crossed_fingers:

This looks amazing. I know this might sound cheesy Troy (+ team) but I have followed you since the days of your early site (your Shawn Lane, Albert Lee, MAB lessons etc.) and to see what you are doing now and see this product coming out is just amazing. I am so proud of you guys, and you should be so proud of yourself too. I honestly can’t think of another person who has made me hone the way I play guitar as much as you guys have. And this forum is just an amazing source of information. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us - we really appreciate it! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to order one of these!


5 string bass is definitely what I was concerned about. Awesome!

Of course, I knew it!

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All your hard work is so close to paying off – congrats @Troy! Can’t wait to get mine and see what’s been going on with my picking hand all these years.

Just checked when I got on the Kickstarter and it was 27th April 2020! I’ve just been sat on my backside following your adventure: getting The Magnet ‘to market’ has been no easy task…well done to the CtC team!

Of course, in that two year period, my technique has magically become flawless so I think I’ll just be mounting The Magnet in a glass case or trading it for a Klon :wink:


Hey Troy, would you like to see pictures of peoples’ homemade “Magnets”?


Was not sure where I can raise my question so I just replied to a topic which is close to it. Is the magnet still being sold? Here it’s saying it’s not on stock. But it’s also saying that it will be again. Does someone know when?

Welcome to the forum! They are working on restocking the magnets but I don’t think there is a timetable yet. There is a thread with some alternatives though. Personally, I’m looking for a gooseneck with a suction mount.

It’s not really out of stock, that’s just the generic placeholder message on the store. We tried to make this clear in the product description but I added an additional note to clarify.

We have them, but we’re not ready to add them to the store yet for various technical reasons. Never fear, we’ll send a note to the mailing list once we have them up there, so please stay tuned to that.


Is there any update on this? I’m not on the list but would like to purchase one at some point. Just seems that may be years down the road.

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