The slow French string hopper!

Hi everybody !

I’m 27 and I live in the south of France (so if you find some mistakes in my sentences you will know why :slight_smile: ).
I’m playing guitar for 6 years now, and I am terribly bad :joy:

I’ll explain why I am here :slight_smile:
I have started playing guitar on an acoustic guitar with blues, rock and funk styles, and I didn’t worried a lot about my technique.
Recently I have discovered neoclassical and stuffs like that, and, I WANT TO PLAY THAT THINGS !!! :rofl::rofl: but my technique is too bad for that.
I take courses, and my teacher wanted me to learn Always with me, always with you. And how to say, I’m stuck 15sec after the start of the melodic part :sweat_smile: when there are 5 quick notes between the first 2 strings with inside picking. It’s impossible for me to play these 5 notes properly.
That was the moment when I have understood that something is wrong with my technique.
After that I have started to search for inside picking motion, exercices, etc… and I have found the John Petrucci Rock Discipline method with inside picking exercice (I’ll create a topic for that exercise that drives me crazy).
After that I have continued to search for picking motion, improve the speed, etc…, and I have discovered the CRC video (the quality level of these videos is so high !!!), the website, the player studies, at this moment I have understood that the solutions for my problems where here, and here I am :grin:

Currently I have 2 main problems, my right hand motion, and my hands synchronization.

I also wanted to say, thank to all the CTC team for your videos ! I’m in love with your scientific approach, all the animations, the explanations. I had the feeling to stole you by watching the videos freely on Youtube :joy:



That phrase was a similar tipoff for me in 1987. I never figured it out until I found CTC (30 years later. Thanks, @Troy!)

You’re in the right place. I’m confident you will get it sorted in much less time than it took me.

Glad to see that I’m not alone :smiley:
I only regret haven’t discovered CTC few years ago !

Hi, welcome to the forum, good to have you here! Glad you’re enjoying our stuff so far :slight_smile: