The space between

Mindset question here.

Do any of you find there’s really not much of a difference in playing speed from the low end of what feels “fast paced” to the high end of what feels “fast”?

I’ve found the more adept I become at technical playing the less difference I feel in those passages. The jump from say 170bpm to 220bpm can feel quite minuscule if I have something on lock.

What my brain does notice is the space between the notes. The 170bpm I can feel the air in between. Like I’m having to force myself to slow down. I can find some stuff I have down at blazing speeds actually feels more difficult at slow speeds because I have to think slow. Like slower 16th notes can feel uncomfortable because I’m having to break my chunks up because it’s so much slower. I can’t just zone out and focus on the one and get into it. Kind of like my Rottweiler is on the end of the leash and just wants to be let off.

I just find the notes never seem to increase in speed but the space between grows or shrinks.

Just something I’ve been pondering lately.