The Yngwie Malmsteen Strat


if u get one make sure u know what exact iteration it is lol


Its the most recent one, 2018 i believe


Amazing! Did you get it? Is it anything like the pictures I posted earlier? Excited for you man, I have a bit of a selfish wish to see more folks play the YJM and the YJM strings as well, that way we can be sure to have them being produced in good supply.


I thought that a nut can be cut for a particular string gauge, e.g., if we know the thinnest string is going to be 0.008", then we can cut a slot like that, and then one can’t use a 9, 10, or 11.

I read that the average guitar has a nut cut for worst-case heavy strings, but I don’t know much in detail. For my last Warmoth guitar neck I ordered it with no nut because I believe that they cut them for a set of 10’s, and my gauge is established as 8–38 (well, I might tweak some of the interior strings a bit to smooth the tension out).


No not yet, lol, i need time to come with the cash… when i do ill post some pics and sounds…



haha, king Kobra. Mick Sweda was actually a pretty stylish and unique player on the first 3 Bullet Boys albums


Its a good track… once i get that cash… ill be “ready to strike”!


I played an American professional strat today and it was very underwhelming., playability, sound was thin…

At $1.5 k thats just disappointing…

Am to believe the malmsteen strat at 1750 will be that much better?


Short answer yes, the neck, pickups and controls on the YJM add a lot of value over that Am Pro.

For the additional 250 you get a nitro finished neck ( give it a month to set in, this is true for any nitro neck), machine bolt mounts (expensive mod), the superb Dunlop 6000 frets, full depth and radiused scallop (expensive mod again), the brass nut, vintage tuners, big headstock with the bullet truss rod nut. I’m pretty damn sure they’re actually custom shop necks.

Add in the SD silent Fury pickups and excellent control pots, flush mounted strap loks.

That’s a lot of value for the additional 250 USD. The American Pro is overpriced in retrospect.

Short review of the AmPro SSH. There was no competition, I was able to compare them both side by side for a month.

The YJM was another beast altogether. They didn’t feel like they were from the same factory! The pickups were pathetic on the SSH Am Pro, Vintage hot frailns (neck & middle) with an SD JB in the neck would have made that Am Pro a better guitar.


im sure there r like 9 million reviews online for the sound etc


So, for the last 5-8 years, I’ve been REALLY impressed with the consistency of Fenders - even the Mexi strats have been pretty consistently good, and the American ones have been awesome. Based on that alone I’d be pretty comfortable telling you that any random Strat off the rack is likely to be pretty good.

That said, while I have yet to hear one myself, I’ve heard a lot more inconsistency in the American Professional and Player series guitars, which I guess are the new American Standard and Standard series. Not sure what to tell you there, certainly until I get some firsthand experience.

Though, just to suss out the obvious answers, and apologies for a stupid and probably offensive question… But, I know your main guitar is a H-H Charvel. This isn’t your first singlecoil guitar, is it? They’ll definitely sound “thinner” than humbuckers, but that’s part of their vibe.


Hey, thanks for the reply, yes this would be my first single coil guitar, and was expecting a thinner sound, but the guitar just didn’t sound good with gain on it. At least not to me.

Overall experience was very underwhelming for $1500 guitar.


Thanks for this. Im breathing a sigh of relief for the yngwie strat. Again, i have 45 days to decide if its for me or not, i can return in to GC, if not.


Yeah, singlecoils take some getting used. They’re definitely brighter and “thinner” than humbuckers, which tend to be darker, hotter, and way thicker in the lows and low-mids… But they respond to gain very differently, with a really clear attack and sort of a nice roundness, especially in the neck pickup.

Upping the gain a little helps if it feels unnatural at first, but that thinness is absolutely a key part of their sound, and if you like the tones Yngwie is getting out of his Strat, then you’re not going to find that sort of sound out of anything other than a Stratocaster. You kinda have to just embrace those differences and go with it.

Enjoy the new guitar, and post pictures and maybe some video when it shows up!


I know that yngwie has used customer pup’s in his guitars so, im expecting a better overall sound… then again, not to keep repeating myself, but a $1500 guitar should sound a lot better than this one did. It had nothing. …sounded generic and lifeless


Drew’s posted some great advice on the single coil thing. Agree with everything he’s said.

What gear will you be using it with? You will definitely need more gain than you’re accustomed to.

Not that it’s been necessary but I’ve been experimenting with an optical compressor setup up real mild to play with lower gain since I don’t have a blasting power amp at 100watts :rofl:

BTW your assesment of the “generic” vibe on the AmPro pups is quite universal. They really are very generic, neither here nor there.

Your going to be blasted with a lot of firsts, scalloped neck, vintage bridge and single coils. It’s going to feel very different, 45 days is enough time to figure it out though. Good luck! Do post pictures and your initial impressions. I really hope you like the guitar.


I’ve never played the Fender V-mod pickups (I had to google to see what was in the American Professional, lol), so they either may just be kind of meh and bland singlecoils, or maybe the guitar in question WAS pretty dead and lifeless for whatever reason, or maybe you just either don’t like singlecoils or were plugged into an amp dialed in a way that wouldn’t sound very good with singlecoils.

Did the guitar resonate OK unplugged?

In general, if you’re not used to singlecoils… Clean, you’re probably dialing in your clean channel fairly bright, and fairly clean, if you’re used to a humbucker. With singlecoils already being so much brighter and more "sparkle-y’ in the high end you’re probably going to be able to back off the treble a little. Also, I generally like my clean tones with at least a tiny bit of grit to them, and doubly so for singlecoils - that neck/middle position at the edge of breakup a la SRV plays Little Wing is magical on a strat.

Distorted… Eh, honestly, I don’t know if there’s anything I really do to dial an amp in differently with singlecoils, aside from maybe adding a touch more gain, or at least being aware that the amp is going to be way less saturated than with humbuckers, with a much more explosive attack, but less of a “searing” quality to the sustain. That’s actually one of my favorite things about working with singlecoils for leads, is that they’re way less compressed than humbuckers so you can bring out a LOT of nuance by working your picking attack a bit.

I haven’t played a YJM Fury in ages, but the HS-3 coil-tapped to behave like a true singlecoil was Yngwie’s go-to pickup for ages, and those are really pretty vintage output, so I wouldn’t expect a much louder and thicker tone from the pickups in his guitar. If the particular Professional you played was just a toneless plank, the thing may resonate quite a bit better, though, which could help.

I’m gonna concur with Twangsta, though - you’re kind of diving off the deep end here, with your first singlecoil guitar, first scalloped fretboard (fairly deeply, at that), and first non-locking trem, all at once. It’s going to be a little disorienting, for sure!


Currently i have an ibanez premium with dimarzio tone zone, air nortons… sounds great. Very versatile guitar.

My charvel is my mustand with the JB in the bridge and a jazz in the neck.

This is going in my EVH 5150 50w, with tons of gain, and a digitech processor for comp, eq, etc.

Im looking forward to something new… how else can i convince my wife i need another guitar. …

Im expecting to be blown away by the malmsteen strat… anything less and its going back…

I really appreciate your insight and experience guys


Those are fairly thick, midrange-y, and fat pickups, the AN/TZ more so than the Jazz/JB, but they’re both quite a bit darker and MUCH hotter than singlecoils. Definitely keep that in mind when you first plug in - the Yngwie strat is going to sound weaker and thinner when you plug it in, after your other two guitars. But, that’s the whole point of that guitar - it WILL sound very different, and that’s awesome. \m/