The Yngwie Malmsteen Strat


Exited for you bro!

Drew is spot on there, swapping your guitars will definately make the strat feel weaker and thinner, but they’re also will have lot more articulation and attack, fast muted playing makes me think of the sparks flying of the rails, your amp has you covered.

One think to keep in mind is use your bridge tone knob, mine is set at 70% to 50% at all times depending on the drive, I think it’s pretty standard practice to achieve a balance with the neck pickup.

Also, know that the neck pickup will sound better at higher volumes. I find at lower volumes it’s a bit on the muddy side, and the bridge pup is at the sweet spot. Things are very differnet with the amp turned up, the neck gets a lot clearer and that strat quack and articulation is realy amazing under high gain, it’s just adictive, while the brige pickup is mostly used for palm muted shred and rhythm, they’re both really glorious at this point.

Set them up to have balanced volumes as well, mine are near the halfway between the pickguard and the string, the neck is lower than the bridge.

AND You WILL NEED some good nut lubricant, this is important, I use something called Tune-It by MusicNomad, saying this since you’re coming from locking bridges.



At the risk of threadjacking, here’s another reminder of what a crappy cheap strat knockoff sounds like:




Satch is a fuckin’ legend. :rofl:


FWIW, I suspect this varies a lot by amp or amp setting. I’ve certainly never felt that way about my Strats through the Mesas I’ve owned over the years, but I haven’t spent as much time intentionally going after a Yngwie sort of sound and I haven’t spent any serious playtime with a Marshall in, oh… More than a decade.

What are you playing through, out of curiosity? I’m getting pretty balanced sounds out of a Mesa Mark-V with gain in the noon-2 o’clock range at even whisper quiet volumes.


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Right on, thanks! \m/ Original post edited, lol


I put that SPL thing down to a Victory RD1 head I was useing for a while, I get a more consistent experience with my computer based setup, my current amp is’ a simple Dr.Z Carmen Ghia that is not at all suited to my current needs.

That’s great to hear bout the Mark V at low SPL working great, man that’s so temping, I’ve been in the market for some big iron for a while now; just can’t seem to make my mind up or perhaps even justify it.

Could you tell me more about the Mark V, I know and have read a lot about it over the years already, I’m just worried about the maintainability of such a complex amp. I have access to Ceriatone amps that make turrent mounted impeccable handwired amps as an option.


Oh nice - I actually played a Carmen Ghia damned near two decades ago with a Fulltone OD out front, and I STILL have fond memories of the clean channel of that. Such an awesome blues rock rig.

I’ll shoot you a PM to keep this thread more on topic.


I was wondering, how are the scallops at warmoth ? I got mine done by DC Guitars and it was really nice not too deep, just perfect for my strat neck, but I’d like another neck with scallops


Buddy of mine has a scalloped neck (above the 12th fret, I think) that it’s possible he scalloped himself, but may have come from Warmoth. Either way it was very cleanly done (he’s a skilled enough woodworker that I’d expect his work to be totally pro, and has made a couple guitars in the past) and in general I’ve thought Warmoth parts were extremely well made, so I wouldn’t worry about build quality. I don’t recall how deep the scallops were, I’m afraid.


I have scalloped Warmoth necks and I love them, with the exception of chords going out of tune if I’m not careful.


Do you guys think the scallops add to the resonance? I find mine to be quite acoustically energetic. But that could be a result of any number of different contributors.

I’m also wondering about the depth, once they get past the chance of your fingers touching the board, do shallow or deeper scallops make any difference?

I remember one my first or second day, I made a fretting mistake with the string going between the nail and finger tip, was painful enough to never do that again, instant fix :rofl:


I love the contrast between the brutal start and the almost motherly(?) insult at the end :smiley:

Back on topic: that high-E placement would drive me nuts. Good to know this is not for me. I would personally argue it’s a design flaw, as IMO a well made guitar shouldn’t require micro-management of the fretting hand.

Sorry for sorta skipping 99% of the discussion :sweat_smile:


I don’t think I should post the comic itself here since it’s ever-so-slightly NSFW, but search “XKCD my hobby curse levels” for an excellent example of this :smiley:


dunno if pertinent but…30th anniv model


Love him, still a kid, forever young!

Flying faders lmao :smiley:


I really appreciate all the advice given to me in this thread…

I’ve decided to go with another Charvel with Fishman pickups.

end of story.


Cool bro, which model if I may ask, do post a review when you get it, good luck!


I’m replacing the pickups with a set of Fishman classics I believe.

Satin silver