The Yngwie Sixes are hard

I’m trying to play a six-note pattern such as Troy demonstrates in one of his videos, and it is not very do-able, least I struggle with it.

If you are tremolo picking on an open string, it is easier because there is less string tension. But as soon as you start fretting notes, the string gives you more resistance making picking fast even more difficult because there is more string tension, and it’s so easy for the pick to get caught on the string usually on the upstroke.

Also if you are going slowly it is easier. If you go fast it is more likely you will get caught on the string.

There are some times where I can nail it pretty good, but I am not consistent at all.

If I was using a thin pick it might be easier because the pick will flex more and allow me to get through the string easier.

You have posted about this a few times now. This is not a problem with fast picking in general, this is a problem with your technique.

We will really need to see a video to diagnose the problem though and I don’t think you have posted one yet?

Is there any way you can post a video? Should be able to get to the bottom of this very quickly if we can see what’s happening


As is said above, the string getting caught in the strings is a function of technique. Not speed.

The whole concept of downward pickslanting, which is what Yngwie does, solves the problem…for his lines. If you’re using a different escape motion than what was used to write the part there’s every chance it won’t work properly.

I believe you’ve said in the past that you can’t post a video. You’re spinning your wheels without it. Someone you know has to have a phone you can use for 5 minutes.

Given the knowledge and experience of the players on this forum, figuring out how to post a video will not be a waste of time. From my own recent experience, I guarantee this one thing will do more than any amount of text.


I did post a few awhile back:

My upstroke is suffering - Technique Critique - The Cracking the Code Forum (

When I look at other people’s tremolo playing I don’t see anything I am doing different than they are.
My Samsung tablet has a camera but I don’t know if I can operate it myself and get a video done.
I would have to monkey with it and see what I can do.

I spent a fair amount of time looking at my own playing. Didn’t see squat.

A total of about two minutes of video privately sent to one of the guys here? He saw it all.

You don’t realize it, but you don’t know what you’re looking for. At least I didn’t - and I’ve been playing for over 30 years.

Two seemingly insignificant adjustments and everything started to change. ……blew my mind.

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Well my ARMS worker comes over tomorrow and I will talk to her about filming my picking hand. She’s a real nice woman.


Good news! I asked my ARMS worker if she could film my picking hand and she said no problem. As long as I can transfer the file from her phone into my computer’s hard drive I should have it.

She will be over again next Thursday.


Have you tried switching strings while tremolo picking i.e. playing the six-note pattern on the open strings to see if your pick smoothly escapes? The magic of playing an even note sequence is that your pick will never get stuck in-between the strings as long as you start on a down stroke and escape on an upstroke (USX) or vice versa.

No I don’t think my pick is escaping smoothly. But when my friend comes over with her cell phone she will take film of me attempting to play a six-note pattern plus I just learned the guitar solo from Deep Purple’s Burn by Ritchie Blackmore.

The last part of that solo uses some tremolo-like picking so I need to fix this problem.

I sound quite bad when I try to play that last section.

Hopefully someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

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Last night I picked up my Explorer and I tried playing that last lick by Blackmore and I tried some tremolo picking and for some odd reason it seemed easier and it sounded better.

I don’t know why though. I’ve been playing my Les Paul for several weeks up until last night.

If something feels easy, do more of it. When you get your filming done it would be cool to see this, and the same thing on the LP so we can see what might make the one feel better

Different guitars tend to put your arms and hands in slightly different positions. It could be that how the explorer is shaped affects how your right hand sets up for picking.

It doesn’t have to be much to make a huge difference. A millimeter here and there is all it may take.

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I played the Blackmore solo today and unfortunately it didn’t sound as good as it did yesterday. Maybe I just got lucky yesterday. Sometimes that does happen.

God my tremolo picking just sucks. I’m almost tempted to try developing the thumb and index finger technique to play those sixteenths at the end of his solo.

As has been mentioned several times - without video of your picking hand, you really don’t know what your motion is (or is not) doing. To me, there is zero point in trying something new until you know what’s going on with your existing technique.

In one rudiment I’m working on, I was convinced I wasn’t moving my thumb joint. 5 seconds into looking at the video - I saw it moving.

Well I was looking forward to my ARMS worker coming over today so we could film my picking hand, but she called me earlier and she said she has to cancel today.

Looks like I will have to wait until next week.



I came up with this wrist picking motion by just fiddling around and experimenting. I’m sure you guys would recognize and know it if you saw it.

I describe it as a shaking motion. If you had something on the top of your hand like water or ketchup or something you wanted to get rid off, you could make this flinging, shaking motion from your wrist to try to get it off.

When I apply that same motion to picking it looks like a wrist motion but using very little back and forth movement.

I would like to try to develop this motion because you can play fast with it. I have only tried down-up-down so a 3-note figure.

A problem I’ve noticed is though that sometimes the note in the middle (upstroke note) doesn’t sound very clear or good.

I used to have a similar problem in college when I was studying piano and I had to play an ornament. The note in the middle would not sound as good as the notes on the end.

Hannah will film my picking hand next week so I will upload some video.


I don’t think I will ever be able to play the sixteenth notes on the G string (Burn) until I get my tremolo going better.

Mine is rough sounding.

And I think I’m playing the run incorrectly. You’re supposed to play two open G notes and the end of each grouping, and I’ve caught myself playing like two C notes and one G note instead.

I have the rest of the solo learned it’s just this G string run that is screwing me up.

My camera woman got sick last week so she has not filmed me yet.

This is counter-intuitive, but the tension on the string doesn’t change unless you bend it.

Yes! So… why not do that for a while?

It appears that I simply can’t tremolo pick. Maybe there are some guitar players that simply can’t do it. But I won’t give up on this lick quite yet.

I know you’re having a hard time getting it. But without a video - there’s very little anyone can do to help.

Everyone can tremolo pick. Everyone including you.

Not everyone has learned how to be efficient and therefore ‘faster’.