This dudes playing is sort of a roadmap (Jamie Purpora, Interstate Blue Band)


I first heard this song a few years back and i was pretty impressed at some of the licks and phrasing

just checked some of his live vids. Dudes playing is pretty clean and some of the camera work is nice so you can see exactly what he is doing.

His playing might even be considered a type of roadmap of how to take a 70s Jimmy Page/Trower vibe and update it with some more modern picking ideas

the lick at 4:56ish is nice lol

he has that one little Dorian lick nailed down good lol

and now im confused…is this the same dude? same concert? its the same guitar and stage setup, different bassist…but now he has long hair lol?

great combining of old school free spirited 70s jam vibe with some nice modern picking


Nice, loving his tone!

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His playing is great!

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! That’s hot. I love this kind of stuff. Reminds me of Plankton in the best way.

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yeah, its probably a good sign when u see a dude in a blues based trio using an Yngwie strat lol. Lets u know he aint gonna be some Clapton clone

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