This is Diego From Argentina

Hello everyone,

I recently found about Cracking the Code though Ben Eller Youtube lessons. I’m 37 and I started playing guitar at age 17. When I started I took some lessons and rapidly progressed. But as I got into University and a job, I had less time to practice I stoped make progress. I was only playing a few minutes a day, and kind of bored about myself since everytime I was doing the same thing without time to explore new stuff.

Recently I started having more interest on improving my playing, and now I have a little more time, plus I found tons and tons of online material, that was not available back then.

When I found the cracking the code stuff, I felt identified, and I was amazed by the details about technique. I never payed attention to my picking hand before, mostly because back then there was no information in that regard. Now I’m focusing on the picking hand technique and having some amazing results so far, which encourages me to play more.

Thanks Troy and Cracking the Code!

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I missed a few things from my introduction:

I have been focusing on 6 notes per string and 2 notes per string exercises. I’m happy with my 6 notes per string results so far.

For my 2 notes per string, I’ve done good progress, but I still need to work on it. I will try to post some videos about what I’m doing.

I think one of the key aspects of my progress was experimenting with different picks. I found one that feels really good for high speed. It’s a little thicker than what I was using. As it’s more rounded, it doesn’t get stuck when picking a string, thus my picking gets smoother and faster.

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Hi Diego, welcome and glad you found our stuff! Take a look around the forum & various parts of the site and let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

FYI I edited your posts to have cleaner formatting — simple tweak, just have to add a blank line between paragraphs for them to display correctly.

We definitely suggest going through the Pickslanting Primer if you you want to dig into technique / picking motion possibilities more…experimentation is a big part of it so good to hear you’re doing that already and finding a pick that feels good. And yes feel free to post some video if you’d like feedback on something in particular!