This Motion is USX? DBX?

Hey Guys!

I am Japanese and not good at English, so I am using ChatGPT to translate and write. I apologize if there are parts where the meaning is not clear.

I have always been a player who uses the elbow, but I admire great players like Andy Wood and want to use my wrist as the main technique.
I’ve tried various trial and error, and I’ve become able to perform motions like DSX. However, when using DSX, palm muting doesn’t work well for me.

So, I’ve been studying USX and DBX, but I got confused after watching this video.

"In the video, there is a TAB, and he starts playing from a downstroke on the G string, but it’s difficult for me to transition to the D string. I can do it using DSX with an upstroke on the G string, but then I can’t palm mute.
"If there is someone who understands what technique he is using to play this lick, I would appreciate any hints.

Sorry if my previous message was unclear. Also, I’m always grateful to Troy for uploading fantastic videos!

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If he starts trapped and goes free, then any single-escape technique should work, because there are even numbers of notes per string?

I don’t know much but it seems like DBX is needed in some cases of isolated single notes.