This piece fell off my guitar jack - how do I put it back?

Hey guys, my guitar jack has been loose for a while and I’ve procrastinated fixing it. It recently got so lots that the screw nut and washer fell right off the output jack. It’s easy enough to fix, but this third mystery piece also fell off and I’m not sure where it’s supposed to go. I haven’t actually unscrewed the jack yet, so it definitely was outside of the guitar. Does it go in between the washer and nut? What’s confusing is that there isn’t enough of the jack length sticking out of the guitar to be able to fit all 3 peices (washer+nut+mystery part). It also has a flared lip, so niether the washer nor the nut can fit inside of it. Anyone know where it’s supposed to go?

It might be helpful to see the guitar itself.

I’m only guessing, but that may be the first thing that goes on. Looking at the guitar - or even knowing the make/model can be useful.

I agree with @Ruefus.

But jumping to non-expert speculation, my guess would be that the narrow side of the flared piece pushes into the hole in the guitar (or plate, if there is one), the washer rests on top of the wide side of the flared piece, and the nut tightens the washer down against it. Only other possibility that would make sense to me would be if the flared piece were meant to be on inside of the guitar, but from your description, it sounds like it couldn’t have come from there.

Link below is for a super common jack design (with pdf diagram) that doesn’t include the flared piece:

A photo of the guitar jack plate itself would be useful. It may be necessary, depending on the design, to remove the rear control cavity plate (if there is one) and hold the jack still as you tighten everything up.

Avoid tightening jack nuts from the outside of the guitar, as you run the risk of twirling the jack round and twisting/damaging the hot and earth wires in the process.

If you can supply that photo, it might make this mystery piece more clear.

It looks like a flush mount, but it’s not threaded. My guess would be guitar body, washer, flush mount, nut. Having said that, here is an article that covers all types:The ABCs of Output Jacks - Premier Guitar

It’s a Charvel San Dimas (2014? I think?). I couldn’t figure it out so I just nixed the mystery part.

Thanks for the in depth response. I couldn’t figure it out so I just ditched the mystery piece, guitar still works without it.

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