Thoughts on a new trembucker!


Ive decided on the new Charvel DK 24 HSS as my next guitar

I have an H H version of the DK already, and I swapped out the full shred in the bridge for the JB.
I’m happy I did it, as I felt the full shred was too underpowered.

I love the new guitar that i’m going to be getting, and there is a possibility that the full shred may work in this model…

But just in case, I wanted to get some ideas on your thoughts for a very hot bridge pickup with
a lot of warmth and sustain.

I’m thinking about the Paralled Axis Distortion TB which is very hot, or just the standard SD Distortion TB.

What are your thoughts?

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I can’t give advice on the pickups but I just wanted to say that’s a real nice guitar!


thx. ive decided against the guitar I posted… I have reservations about the gotoh bridge also.

going to get a Charvel SoCal and have a set of Fishman Fluence pickups installed.