Three clips. Room for improvement?


Home alone. Opened a nice imperial IPA (Nebuchadnezzar), picked up my new guitar and recorded a couple of clips.

First one is a single string clip, then we have a two string alternate picking clip and last there is a economy picking clip. There is a slow version of the clip at the end.

The tempo is 120bpm and the subdivisions are 16 notes triplets.

Is there anything I can do better? I’m struggling with tension in my right arm. I found that having loose grip on the pick helps a lot.

I’m playing two repetitions of one then the same lick three times. Something I got from the maestro Martin Goulding.


Your technique looks great, it’s more or less textbook for this style. At this point, with the speeds you’re reaching, you can opt for further refinement of whatever tension you’re experiencing or, in the alternative, continue to push the envelope for more speed. You don’t really have any room for significant improvement; at this point any criticism would be nitpicking tbh. Usually when someone is technically capable enough to hit 120 BPM sextuplets at a professional sounding level they’re more or less solid. You’ve done the work, felt the various sensations and overcome any troubling ones, challenged yourself, etc., so whatever you want to do next is largely up to you.


ill just go with the first couple of things off the top of my head. As already stated above, controlled 12nps stuff is pretty good already

Related to your statement about tension…learning to play fast with no tension is pretty huge. TBH, the way you are doing those licks (2 x1 rep then 3) may actually be working AGAINST you. I get the point of them for accuracy and control etc, but id say they might work against you as far as playing tension free.

Listen how hard you are accenting the last note every time etc. I get that there is a point to that as far as being sure of what you are playing etc, but id say you have these patterns grooved so now id rather see u work on longer loop type phrases

i like this one in 16ths, but it doesnt really matter as long as its something that will easily loop so u can play it continuously:

E–15–14–12-----------------------------------------------------------12–14 loop

obviously the Yngwie 6 note pattern type stuff is great too, like maybe loop back and forth between 2 strings with it and try to be light and fast and tension free

maybe come back down to, say, 70-90ish bpm, and play longer continuous loops and try to stay more and more relaxed. On occasion I do scales and stuff without the thumb behind the neck or just BARELY putting pressure on the thumb.

Then as u go to speed up, just keep that relaxed feeling

cant see your left hand much but maybe there is some loose finger flapping going on? I mean obviously we are nitpicking here but its just something to consider. You ever see Rick Grahams left hand?


Sorry for the late answer. Yeah, I’ve been thinking of that, If I tense up while doing bursts. Though I’ve found that by doing bursts in say 130bpm, my stamina in 120 has improved. Sort of like doing intervalls when running. I’ll usually mix bursts with slower, more stamina based practice on in a slower tempo. We’ll see how it works out.