Thumping technique


Does anybody here does thumping?

Those who are not familiar with this technique, it would be easier for you to watch the following clip than for me to explain it in words.

Tosin gets some interesting sounds from it. I’d like to try it at some point and to adapt it to the music of my preference.
I know he made an instructional dvd and I plan to buy it but if somebody has had some experience with the technique and has some advice, I’d like to hear it :slight_smile:


It looks like a bass technique. Is there any reason why someone couldn’t do the same thing on bass? After all, bass is where using the thumb to hit the strings percussively began.


I haven’t brought the DVD yet, it looks pretty good. He seems to cover a lot of his techniques, not JUST the thumping. I think it’s a great sound though, pretty unique, I’d like to get round to trying it at some point.
On a similar theme, you might be interested in Scott Mishoe’s videos. He takes the slap guitar approach to a pretty crazy level.

I don’t think it’s that far away with what Tosin is doing. Slight more funk orientated, but like @Acecrusher mentioned, it’s taking some bass techniques to the guitar, which is always interesting to hear.


Slapping is definitely bass oriented. This is slightly different because of how he’s using his thumb to get multiple strokes. However, I don’t see why this technique couldn’t be used on a bass.
Regardless, it sounds cool as hell and is slightly out of my ability at the moment :smile:


No reasons at all. Towards the end of the video, Tosin said that he got it from bass players.

Neither does the dude in this video :smiley:

Oh yeah, I know him! I checked him out because Guthrie mentioned his name somewhere.

Yes, my exact situation! :smiley:
I enjoy minimalism (mainly Steve Reich and few pieces by Phillip Glass) and I’d like to apply this technique to that kind of music.


This is also a technique that has eluded me for years. But, if I’m being honest I’ve never really put much effort into learning it. But, when done correctly it certainly is cool as hell and Abasi is phenomenal at it. I saw him on the generation axe tour. He’s AMAZING.


Good call! I love a bit of minimalism! :sunglasses:


I’ve been working on thumping for a few months now. Victor Wooten’s bass videos cover the mechanics. Tosin’s example with triplets is something i learned to do all over the neck. The trick is to get the double-thump going. Where the upstroke happens the same way an escaping upstroke happens with d slant alt picking. The wrist needs to stay relaxed and the thumb is held firm yet elastic. My hand usually assumes the “hang ten” shape, and it’s a similar motion if you’ve seen it before.

The thumb edge has to follow of the same rules as the pick. I sometimes do economy picking style rakes with my thumb. I think about slant and string escape in the same way.

The other thing to keep in mind with this style is that you’ll need to mix in other types of attacks- hammers and string smacks- to really get things to groove.

I also studied Wilco Johnson’s pickless approach during this time and started combining the double thump for basslines with an outward strike from the nails for chord stabs. Similar to clawhammer banjo.

I’m on the lookout for Reggie’s instructional video.