Tips for improving elbow motion? - endurance and USX

Hey everbody,

After watching the new chapters in the Pickslanting Primer (test your motions bit) I decided to give up on trying to learn the USX compound forearm and wrist motion and go for full elbow since thats the motion that gives me my natural maximum speed.

I am not going for the DSX elbow motion because I can’t figure out how to palm mute with it, so, I guess I am stuck with a trapped motion. I do a lot of swiping :slight_smile:

I wanted to ask if anyone had any tips on improving elbow motion endurance. Is it simply a matter of practice and getting used to? What kind of exercises are recommended?

I remember reading in the elbow motion chapter in the Primer that the USX version of it is still not investigated in depth. Could you please point out useful resources or tips on how to do this motion too? I guess it might make things easier if I didn’t have to swipe all the time.

Thank you in advance for chiming in!