To play like a particular guitarist, do I have to use their exact pick grip?

Hi troy !
I have a question Is it necessary that , if I want to play something like my Hero , I have to hold my pick exactly like him ?

I’m not Troy, but I can answer your question. No, not really. You might want to mirror them as far as the escape path of the pick, but its not essential to make your right hand look identical.


Yeah echoing the above it’s not helpful to try to copy the “look”. The way a picking hand “looks” can be a result of pickstrokes, anatomical differences, guitar bridge, guitar body, string gauge, pick of choice, etc. All of these seemingly irrelevant factors add up to create the aesthetic of technique.

EDIT: Let me rephrase that, it can be helpful, but what I meant to say was that getting OCD or over-the-top with having things exactly the same can be counter-productive.

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Just to play devil’s advocate- I do believe that some sort of vanity and impostering can sort of find its way into you via what I’d like to call musical osmosis.

When the more tried and true analytical way of muting (when economy picking for example) was slowing me down, I just said “screw it” I’m just going to play freely and “float” my right hand instead of trying to mute everything and pick everything at the same time like those guys I see on my tapes and not worry so much about the blurred notes because I’m just sick of sucking and not even looking “cool” in the process.

For some odd reason, this jaggedness went away pretty quickly after while and Troy I believe alluded to something similar in which the body sort of finds natural ways to make this fluid and clean over time, but this is an organic process which happens in the process of “flooring” a lick.

Perhaps his realization didn’t come from the same genesis but that has been mine :slight_smile:

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