Tommo's NY holiday - miscellaneous suggestions welcome :-)


I’ll be on holiday in New York with my partner from today until the 20th, heading to the airport now. We’ll be at a friend’s house in Manhattan.
Please if you feel like it suggest away on the following topics :slight_smile:

  • is it possible to rent a guitar for a couple of days from some shop, if I start going pickslanting-cold-turkey?

  • any cool gigs / events these days? Not necessarily guitar/metal genre, we like a lot of music!

  • any must-visit music shops? Related to this: shops with cool brands of picks that I can find only over there?

  • whatever else you want to suggest?

Thanks all \m/


And again you see me jealous :grin:, have a great time!

Isn’t there those crazy guys in Manhattan, that bother famous musicians with nerdy questions?
I think the name is something like ‘Hacking the mode’ … I’d give it a try :joy:


Haha I think I bothered the poor guys enough for a lifetime already :smiley:


Hey, cool, welcome to NYC :smiley:

I don’t actually go to tons of live shows but a couple suggestions—

Great small live venue / bar in Brooklyn, awesome eclectic calendar, typically they have shows every day:

Nice jazz venue in Manhattan, I believe also something just about every evening:

And a few shops in Brooklyn that I haven’t been to personally, but look interesting:


Hey Tommo, I never saw this thread until now. How was your vacation? Did you have a good time in New York? I hear they have great pizza there. Did you try it?