Tonal/Ergonomic Neurosis

I have a conflict, I LOVE the sounds of Strats but because I’ve been blessed with Hobbit hands the 25.5 scale length makes playing difficult, so when I’m frustrated trying to play on the Strat I go to 24" scale, mustang or Duosonic or even a squire mimi Strat and playing is easier but the tone isn’t there, I really dislike there pinky, thin, trebly sound. Anyone else suffer from this Neurosis?

I picked up a 7 string a couple of months ago. I’m finding the 27 inch very difficult to get used to. I’m hoping with time I’ll adjust…

I guess it’s the same thing.

There’s GOTTA be a strat-style guitar at small scale, no? Seems something there is likely a market for…?

You could also tune down a bit and just play everything higher on the neck…I’m kidding…I think?

Why not share some photos of actual problems that you have. What does your teacher say?

Heavier strings? The majority of the plinky-ness is likely due to the slightly reduced string tension of the shorter scale.

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