Top Dream Interviews

Who are your top choices for future interviews? Maybe we can get some ranked-choice voting on who to hunt down next :wink:

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  1. Michael Romeo
  2. Uli Jon Roth
  3. Tosin Abasi
  4. Steve Vai
  5. Marshall Harrison (Updated)
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my first choice doesn’t actually use a pick but would be very interesting for his fingerstyle methods and the way he uses his index finger nail to strum and pick and pluck with.

  1. Tony McManus
  2. Petrucci
  3. Al Di M
  4. Pasquale Grasso
  5. Pat Metheny

Vinnie Moore (both in his mid 80s and modern versions :smiley: )

And of course John Petrucci!

I think the person that’s been mentioned here that we stand to learn the most “new information” from might be Tosin Abasi, so I’ll second that.

1.) Guthrie Govan
2.) Joe Stump

I’ll second:

Pasquale Grasso

Stump is coming at some point.

Awesome player but that hyper-bendy thumb freaks me out :sweat_smile:

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I’d love to see Pasquale, yeah… I feel like he’s the most freakishly talented guitarist I’ve seen in a long time - that thumb movement based picking style is ridiculous.

Not just that. The dude makes an 8-string look like a 6-string in terms of “hey I can reach the 15th fret G on my second-low E. With my pinky.”

I’ve always been interested to know what his overall picking style is, though I would hazard a guess at DWPS because of lines like

We actually already have this thread:


Thanks @Drew! Great point, and that other topic has so many replies already (200+) it may be duplicating things a bit if we continue adding more here as well.

Also FYI I started noting all the names mentioned in that other topic and have been periodically updating to see who comes up most often! Easier to not have to count in multiple places though, so, suggestion—

If you have not already posted a reply in Who would you like to see interviewed next by Troy and the team? — go ahead and post there with your top few players you’d love to see for a Cracking the Code interview. (If you have already posted there, I’ve already counted it, please don’t post a given name more than once)

@LuckyMojo would you mind if I closed this topic so we can keep the suggestions in one place? I do like the idea of a survey, great idea and I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to us putting together something to send to the email list at some point to get more data :slight_smile:

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Hi Brendan, yeah feel free to close the thread - wasn’t aware of the existing one.

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It’s interesting that Tosin holds his hand in basically the Yngwie DPS setup, but with his flexible thumb joint his pick edge attack faces the neck like Marty Friedman. Kind of a Reverse Yngwie.