Tornado of Souls solo for DSX players (DSX + hybrid trick) and some Tumeni Notes attempts

A few months ago I discovered that I can (kind of) hybrid pick after doing upstroke sweeps. I’m currently trying to play various stuff with it, ToS solo being one of them.


The full pattern for each arpeggio is:
U U D Hammer U U Pluck D Pulloff Hammer U U Pluck D Pulloff Hammer U U D Hammer U U D Hammer U U D Hammer U U D Hammer
I’d recommend to try to play this little excercise (U U Pluck D) first to check if you can do these motions fast:

Here are Tumeni Notes attempts (D U U U Middle Ring)

4 string roll attempt (also D U U U Middle Ring but every note is on a different string):

…and some U U U Pluck lick that I’ve come up with. Have fun!


Fantastic ideas! Perfect example of “limitation (DSX) breeding creativity” :slight_smile:


I felt so dumb after discovering it, all I’ve had to do was to try to pluck after an upstroke and it took me 15 years of playing to come up with an idea to finally try something like that lol.


It sounds absolutely fantastic!!!


Sounds amazing and you are so creative…


Great stuff!

A lot of the DSX vocabulary blends really well with Marshall Harrison’s SWYBRYD picking licks. He explains it in a very similar way to you, in that it’s very easy/natural to pluck with a finger on a higher string after an upstroke :slight_smile:

Check out the crazy levels of speeds he’s achieved with it, do you even recognise the Paul Gilbert lick when it’s played this fast?


Thanks everyone. Yes, I’ve seen a few of Marshall’s streams, he’s unbelievable. He probably does something similar to what I’m doing, just 10x faster. Does he do any alternate picking changes or just economy + fingers?

Awesome stuff!

On a side note, I feel incredibly stupid for only now realising that SWYBRYD was short for sweep and hybrid… :man_facepalming:

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Pretty sure he does some really fast all alternate as well. Not sure, I’ll have to watch his interview again. Another question I’d have - does he mainly use the middle finger, or does his vocabulary include middle and ring like what you did?

Awesome playing by the way! You make me wonder why I try so hard to pick all the notes. I’m classically trained so I have pretty capable picking fingers :slight_smile: I’m in the middle of refining some USX, and in spare moments continuing on DBX progress. I’ll throw hybrid/swybrid into the queue :slight_smile:

I’m nowhere near his speed but that lick feels VERY natural to me played with hybrid. Following up on my above comments…not sure why in the world I’ve never gone down this path. I should be exploiting things that feel easy, not working on things that feel hard lol!


I’m sure I’ve seen him using ring and probably even pinky for some stuff.

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He does some arpeggio stuff in the video around 2:46 which uses more fingers, in his SWYBYRD book he has some examples which use middle, ring and pinky!

Another thing he will do for something like the PG lick is use the middle and ring interchangeably. He plays with the pads of his fingers rather than his nails so changing it up helps stop any soreness that you can get with prolonged playing :slight_smile:

Excellent, thank you! He sure is amazing. And I watched the vid from the start this time…I was totally not doing what he is doing when I said earlier this felt natural for me lol! I must just not pay attention.

I was doing the PG lick with hybrid, no economy in there:

D  U  D   m  D  U

Bu he’s actually doing it like this, where it end and starts on an upstroke, so you get the descending economy picking when repeating it:

U  m D  U  D  U

Just brilliant. Clearly much more efficient since it has the economy in there. I’m not as fluid with that yet though.

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Yep, he’s demoed the roll (using ring and middle on the way back ) that you’re doing for “Tumeni”. Great playing as always @adamprzezdziecki! I’m firmly in the DSX+hybrid camp as well – thanks for all the inspiring posts!

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Yep, been doing that alternating middle and ring thing since I saw Brent Mason explain how he does it in some old video. Definitely helps with speed and endurance.

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Stupid question @joebegly but what does the ‘m’ notation denote ? Its probably very obvious and I’m an idiot I know.

Oh it’s middle finger pluck ?

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Yep, you’ve nailed it!

that is impressive as hell! wow!

Have you ever tried using a thumb pick?

Thank you, I’ve tried lots of weird stuff including a thumb pick, but it didn’t really work for me.