Tortex TIII vs. Flow

For the last two years, I have somehow managed to survive on one TIII and one Ultex sharp pick, always resharpening them, constantly afraid of losing them. :smiley:
So I was just going to order a new pack, I had settled on the TIII 1.14mm, when I saw that they have released a new kind of pointy pick, the ‘flow’.

They look quite similar to me. Any opinions on these and how they compare to the TIIIs? And what about the non-tortex flow picks?

The shape is different, it’s based on a Dunlop Jazztone 208 with different materials, sizes and thicknesses being available.

They come in two plastic formulations and multiple thicknesses, try them all via the variety packs… beware, the hard (non-Tortex) plastic “chirps” a lot.

I’ve been using both Tortex Flow and Ultex Flow picks in 1.0mm for a while now - I tried the original Flows, liked them, always liked Tortex so when they introduced those I figured I’d switch over, and then in the last few weeks have been going back and forth and honestly think I prefer the original Ultex ones - they have rounded edges whereas the Tortex are a little more squared off, and there’s some texturing on the face of the pick I like. They also wear better - it’s a tossup when they’re brand new but I like the tone of hte Ultex ones after the Tortex starts to get worn.

The thicker ones definitely chirp a bit - I first tried the Petrucci picks, which are 3.0mm I think - but the thinner ones don’t seem particularly prone to it, and I’d rather a pick with a little more give to it than the Petrucci’s anyway. Though, they look awesome, so there’s that. :rofl:

Thanks, I guess I’ll try a pack of 1mm flows then<sup>%26reg-<-sup>