Tosin Abasi's Selective Picking

Hey - I was recently listening to Tosin a lot and looking into his technique, a friend of mine suggested this video and it’s been super useful for thinking about these hammer on out of nowhere + double picked patterns so I searched here and didn’t fine much in the way of selective picking discussion and though I’d post it.

All of these pretty much work well with a single escape motion and the concept can be combined with small legato runs followed by Yngwie-like economy, double picked stuff, really whatever. End of the day it’s about coordinating combos of palm muted hammer-ons out of nowhere with relatively low effort picking to create this rhythmic wall of sound.


Love it and everything else Tosin does. The hammers from nowhere are criminally underutilized to simplify complex picking sequences-- before I got into CTC and RH technique I used a lot of them. With a bit of compression and bit of LH practice you can even get them going on clean tones.


Agreed - I’ve always had solid legato being left handed but my alternate picking was just okay, after really focusing on alternate picking a long time, feels nice going back to/incorporating legato and muting and not worrying about having a strict picking pattern but getting really cool sounds out of it.

I made up a little 3 string arpeggio etude for this, pretty much would work with any 3 string sweep shape, hammer on, pick 3 times, pulloff and two hammer-ons out of nowhere to descend


Oh lord, that etude seems impossible if you are unaware of the selective picking factor. Really impressive and musically beautiful.

Is this how this absolute sorcery works?