Trail edge picking issues

Hello! Long timer lerker and observer here. I am a bass player who messes around on the guitar. Please forgive my lack of knowledge of the guitar picking jargon ( stil confusing a bit).

I am trying to do the trailing edge picking style , I really love the tone in the ascending and use economy picking when ascending also. The problem is descending. When doing three note per string , my picking is very inefficient. My pick gets caught out when switching to the lower string, I am trying that Gypsy style of cutting through the string quickly and “bouncing “ back to an upstroke. It works but doesn’t seem smooth to transition to the next string.

Does anyone have a better way to decent using trail edge picking? I have tried to find info on you tube but not much on the decending part mainly it’s a the ascending aspect.

Thanks !

Post a video to make things clear?

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Sure I can try. Maybe later today here is my video. Please excuse my horrible playing. Lol

My main issue is trying to improve the movement to the next string . I am ending on a downstroke after a 3 note pattern and I guess trying the Gypsy style of bouncing through the string and back up escape. But it really doesn’t sound smooth. Up strokes seem to help. I tried a couple of different ways on the video. Any feed back? Positions on the hand or pick? Ending differently before switching? Just more practice? lol thanks !

How fast are you on one string? The most mechanically efficient thing you could do would be to do downstroke, upstroke, pull-off but I’m not convinced you have an efficient motion from that video so adding this approach in wouldn’t help in the long run. Could you post a video of you picking at your top speed on one string?

On the gypsy approach, some people can do the double down bouncing thing well but it seems like at top speeds they would avoid lines like this with consecutive downstrokes, might make sense to add in the pull-off unless you are set on really mastering the technique :slight_smile: