Trailing edge crosspicking


Has anyone worked on crosspicking specifically with a trailing edge technique? Following Troy’s advice and trying everything to get smoother I stumbled across this today and was amazed at how much faster I could play.


Yeah, for some reason, when I use more forearm rotation for x-picking I kinda do that trailing edge stroke. I do get a bit more speed out of it, but it doesn’t sound quite as clean. But that’s just me.


The original Steve Morse feature was done this way, mostly by accident, since that was something I just started doing, while the cameras were running in fact. It’s one of the many examples of a thing which just started working on the spot as a result of screwing around, and why I’ve become a bit of a broken record player of late (apologies!) about aggressively trying new things rather than methodically approaching them with gradually faster “note-correct” practice.

This particular approach is not too far from what Steve himself does, just that Steve is mainly a wrist player and here you have some more arm going on.


Not as broken as me when I talk about swiping :joy:

What happened to your trailing edge crosspicking by the way? It seemed pretty badass at the time!


Nothing, really. I just figured I had that, so I could move on to figuring out the other orientations. Unrealistic though it may be, our job is “teach everything”, or at least, “teach enough” so people get a general sense of how things work, and what the options are.


I started messing with it while trying to figure out what Martin Miller is doing. Fun stuff.