Trailing edge guy - still on the Primer

Hey guys!
I’m definitely a trailing-edge gripper, maybe with a hint of uwps ( I rest stroke on upstrokes and see a bit of space after a downstroke - plus, I tend to naturally play economy on my upstroke (descending) scale passages, but have to really think about it in order to play economy on downstrokes - ascending)

I’ve just gotten to the forearm motion videos, where we finally pick up our guitar and start trying things. I’m a little confused. Am I supposed to be trying to learn the leading edge grip in addition to all the subtle variations of wrist and forearm movements - exactly as described in the videos? Or should I be trying to make all this work with my trailing edge grip, upward pickslant? @Troy does say find what works for you, after all.

Also, I seem to be in a weird zone as far as my speed picking goes. What I mean is, I’m not yet proficient enough with any new movements to see an increase in tempo, but at the same time, my hands seem to have ‘forgotten’ how they used to play fast. Even my single c note tremolo drill is slower than usual. And forget about my 4nps chromatic scales, like in the chapter 6 video on tracking. I can barely do it cleanly at any speed, fast or slow. I used to top 200 bpm easily. My motions new and old are just choppy and uncoordinated. I’m hoping this is a natural side effect of learning a new motion which will eventually sort itself out and let me rip up and down like I’ve always wanted to. Otherwise, this big step backwards really sucks!

Damn, I talk a lot. Hard to explain things when I’m not sure what’s actually happening.

HELP! =)

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