Trailing edge gypsy tremolo. Is this legal?

Hello, fellow pick-slanters!

I wanted to share this test with the community. I’ve decided to stick with my trailing edge grip because it feels comfortable and I think I am making progress not only in terms of speed but as a musician in general thanks to it.

The next step has been to tackle my biggest nemesis: playing rhythm. Initially, it was weird for me because solo lines worked better with trailing edge but I had to switch to leading edge to play rhythm and such a context switch was not very efficient, so I’ve been experimenting with ways of making the trailing edge grip work for rhythm as well and I think I’m getting somewhere so I would love to read your opinions.

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You’re doing that really well, can we see the leading edge strum?

Absolutely! I’ll record a clip of my leading edge strumming as soon as I have a chance.

i came to this thread

looked at the video

and thought “huh, I should ping Steve about this, I bet he’d be interested”



It sounds great, but unfortunately it’s illegal :grinning: